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Full Version: A R T E - Fairy Eyeshadow
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[Image: 1z1e70m.png]
The above image is the HUD picture. The UUID for this is: 40359a1c-d704-598f-4545-54a209b08752

UUIDs (Listed from top to bottom)
   01 - a0a94c29-d15a-0125-245f-0c7928f21fc4
   02 - 8844c2e1-7603-8ee2-2ecc-b306b9baafeb
   03 - b56b11d5-9587-04c3-dd04-53ac37055218
   04 - 9e931c03-9890-49ca-621b-6b631d723e0f
   05 - 24247aee-c853-b830-eaa4-d170132ab526
   06 - 88e1235a-4e58-f8ba-a128-5a4d6e9e2f6b

The download includes the above files labeled as they are here plus the HUD picture.

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Forgot to mention, for the clear eyeshadow button on the left you can use any transparent texture in inventory or UUID bd7d7770-39c2-d4c8-e371-0342ecf20921 for the "Clear"