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Sorry, he deleted his Marketplace account now.

The creator of this animations leave now SL and he give his animations to all for a short time free at the Marketplace.

Here the notecard:
I have made these animations with my alt avatar "???????" And a couple of years ago I had a store with that avatar named ??????????. I left SL for awhile. Since coming back I have been using some of these in my furniture in my store.
Also I have made a few new animations as well.
Many of these animations are no where else in SL until just now.
I'm giving them out free because I want people to enjoy them.
So the TOS with these are easy....
*Use them in your creations
*Give them to your friends
*Give them to your enemies
* Throw them in the trash
Just don't Sell them for money as just animations (outside of your builds) . That is just wrong when people can get them for free. Feel free to sell them inside of your creations though.
If you want more full perm free animations check out the store of my other alt (Ayla Holt) from my first Animation store that I closed down called "Lotsa Balls"

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I don't offer any sort of support for these. I've included some of my old Ad signs so that might help you a bit in setting them up. The rest ......... you'll just have to figure out yourself lol.

Hope i post it in right section, have fun.

~ edited to remove the info of names ...... Cyra
You included all that information, and now the whole page can't be accessed.
Hi all, if anyone got copies of them would love it if you can send them to me. please let me know! thanks!