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Posted by: dekurr - 2 hours ago - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (1)

Hey guys, new here, looking into getting into rigging on SL! Happy that I found this community and its resources.

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Posted by: InTheCity - Yesterday, 05:16 PM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - No Replies

Hey, I'm new here and likely won't need to stick around, but would like to see if something is possible.

I'm a 3D Artist - Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
Don't mind you knowing who I am, because my intentions are relatively ethical.

As a 3D artist, sometimes looking a blank canvas is the death of creativity.
Add to the mix, a full time job, being a single Dad and having 2 kids and things get messier.

Wondering the map in Second Life, it's clear to see that there's some inspirational places.
I would like to capture some of those places and export them in their entirety as 3D scenes.
A 3D screen capture - For those familiar with 3DX Ripper or 3DVia Print screen..

The resulting geometry wouldn't be usable, it would be too low res for my level of realism.
However that geometry would serve as a nice place holder for replacement meshes, with some adjustments.

So. Lots of talk, leading to one simple question.
Do you know of a tool, script or means to extract everything within the player's view, that can reliably export to a common 3d format.
No matter the quality of the mesh and without regard for textures, uv maps, polycount, geometry quality etc.

Please and thanks (for listening).

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Posted by: AmiraNahla - Yesterday, 02:39 AM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (1)

Hello!  What a great forum, I can't wait to contribute! Thank you for the invaluable information and tutorials as well! 
SmileI look forward to getting to know you all.

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  How underform mesh
Posted by: duke124 - Yesterday, 01:21 AM - Forum: REQUEST - Replies (1)

I have  copy mesh Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
[Image: Screenshot-30.png]

i undermorm my mesh use animation 2934f7ab-046a-b2e5-cd87-c116d0e721b4 it does not work completely.(Tell me how to do it right.

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Posted by: smith firehawk - 11-17-2018, 03:36 AM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (2)

Hello Goons i am ~ edited to remove the ame ... Cyra ~ justy a good ol boy from texas living in Indiana  here to be a friend to everyone and have fun  

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  So what's so good with the genus head?
Posted by: Microsoft Word - 11-16-2018, 03:05 PM - Forum: Second Life - Replies (4)

So everybody says the genus head is the best is the hype real? I make content for multiple mesh heads so I don't see what's so good about it? I know the genus head has an HD layer for the lipstick so that's a good thing, but everything else seems pretty mediocre. Their demo head is not even close to the final product no HUD can't test skins I like. Right now it cost is 3000 but regular price will be 5500 that's more than Catwa. Is the general public Lemmings and just buying into the hype?

[Image: jVXQWsF.png]
[Image: tGB4zw0.png]

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Heart hello people
Posted by: BobbyZ - 11-15-2018, 07:49 AM - Forum: INTRODUCTIONS - Replies (7)

Hello, I'm new here and have lots to share, hoping to get the bento viewer so I can do bento poses, but would like to say whoever created the Firestormpro, it's very good, thank you for your hard work on that Big Grin

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  Key and Username Extractor
Posted by: zetabeta - 11-13-2018, 08:04 PM - Forum: REQUEST - Replies (3)

So i need some kind of script or tool that can harvest all user's key and username of some specific group (export in CSV format or something) .. or Something that can collect user's key and username around me

Anything that can help. 

Help appreciate

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  Help with cloning a sim
Posted by: Nameofnames - 11-13-2018, 07:30 PM - Forum: REQUEST - Replies (3)

One of my favorite sims are shutting down, and instead of losing it completely when it does shutdown, I was wondering if there was a script or something similar that can run in DS to copy the sim.
Preferrably in a way i can just swap it to opensim or equivalents. It would make for a nice piece of memorabilia of the place

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  Survival guide for copyboter
Posted by: Minaussa - 11-13-2018, 09:12 AM - Forum: Second Life - Replies (3)


This is a survival guide for copyboters, as newbies may ask themselves the risk they are taking to use copybot viewers.

"Can i use darkstorm, relevelator, etc safely without getting my secondlife account(s) banned or legal prosecutions ?"

Its a simple question that have a complex reply and can be subject to debate.

we all have our own view on this here and i think people need find their way and create their own opinion.

here are some facts that are absolutely not guarantee regarding to fact that nobody know what strategy uses third parties, we can assume but never guarantee:

- using as is a copybot viewer (connecting an avatar) cannot lead to a ban as is
- what you do with copybot viewer and the way you do it could lead to a ban , so this depend of you

i think you guys need consider at least 2 things :
- why do i want to copybot and what i will do with the copyboted material ?
- put in the balance : what i will get from copyboting on one side and what i can lose on the other side, depending on witch side the balance will fall then you can take a decision.

There are 2 kinds of secondlife users, those who have "light" account(s) and those who have "heavy" account(s)

light account(s) : pretty young account, could be old, with not much personal investment nor much money invested in them
heavy account(s) : old accounts (can be young too) with lot of purchased assets (some might have spent thousands of US$), and for some with a light to heavy business

The light users has not much to loose beside the heavy users. As a light user can start all over again if he/she get to loose a secondlife account.
A heavy user would not be happy to start all over again and for some people it can even have a very bad psychological impact to loose everything.

so the following guidelines may concern in priority to heavy users.

- copyboting stuffs to re-upload them on secondlife is a HUGE mistake that may lead to a ban (some people here might no be thinking like me)
- if you decide to re-upload RENAME EVRYTHING, do not use original names, brand names and DO NOT LEAVE NAMES WITH OBJECT UUID IN THEM

some materials are anyway usable with +/- risks:

- poses/animations : re uploading this is potentially safe as there is no way to prove that this pose/animation have been copied

- textures (skins, makeup, tattoos, etc.) : a potential safe way is to use there UUI instead of re-uploading them (by using dev kits to apply them, in this way you use a texture with its original creator's name, not your name meanwhile if you upload it, it will be under your name), 
but still you can get busted in a very particular condition that might probably never happens (this condition is that a creator know you have his/her texture, and check in his/her purchase database and do not find you as a customer. This action is possible but in a practical manner i don't think any creator would be walking in SL to do such verifications, but uploading again a copyboted texture would be a mistake, my advice : don't do it.

- mesh bodies/head : it would be a huge mistake to re upload such material specialy if its maitreya or belleza or slink or signature or aesthetic, anybody can scan you and figure out you are copyboting.
Some here have suggest to link a dummy prim from the creator to the mesh, but still its a bad idea because this trick would fool regular users but wont fool popular bloggers or creators themself.
Because when you inspect an object in SL you get the list of all the structure, so in our case, the first line will be the creator's name but the other lines will be with your name and that is ofc not normal.
Also if you did not name the object exactly the same way that the creator would do then its a copyboting proof.
Also re-uploaded meshes have more complexity than the original ones (i made this observation myself) i do not know why but its also another copyboting proof visible to all.
Example: you have a maitreya body with a simple mesh clothing, your complexity should be around 30K to 50K but you are seens with more than 100K, that is not normal.

- meshes of all kind (homes, decors, furnitures, etc.) : this represent a moderate risk, if you rent a land and use copyboted stuff, there is a chance that a neighbor like something you have and decide to scan it, he/she can figure out you are a copyboter and report you, the probability is still low.

Copyboting become a huge cool thing if you are interested into OpenSim, in this case you would have access to cool assets for free to use with your private sims

Now if you are a heavy secondlife user and want to copybot, here are my recommendations :

- create a new brand avatar, the first time you do that i recommend you do it from a Mac Donald or Starbuck WIFI connexion, using a TOR browser and the YOPMAIL email provider and a MAC address spoofer (why do i need to use an external WIFI at registration ? Because Linden Lab might record and associate your internet provider technical details and your computer MAC address to your account, so you wouldn't want to have your internet provider recorded to a copybot avatar the same way to your main(s) avatar(s).
- ALWAYS USE THE SPOOFING options when you use copybot viewers (they all have them)
- if you can use a different computer dedicated for this, that would be a big plus, other solutions is to use virtual machines and MAC spoofers.
- never use your credit card on this account, if you need lindens on your copybot avatar, use a Linden Dollar laundering technique (i will write a post about this later)
- never send lindens, objects, chats, to this avatar from your mains, and never have any interaction of anykind between your main(s) and a copybot avatar 
- never show off to your friends that you copybot
- never share with your friends copyboted stuffs
- never walk in crowded places such as events with copyboted stuff on you
- do not try resell copyboted stuffs ( you could go into serious legal issues specialy with maitreya and catwa who do not hesitate to put lawyers on the way)
- do not think that nobody cares about reselling digital material and nobody will run after you, that is totally false, if a brand holder decide to go in court, like maitreya or catwa who are a "million dollars" companies would do , they will do everything to find you, and once they success, believe me you life is screwed up (investigations may take years so don't feel safe because you didn't have problems within 2 or 3 months). Does it worth it ? im not sure. but its my humble opinion.


TOR is an open source project to anonymise your IP inside a web brower, i suggest you use it to connect to you copybot avatar SL account, and any copybot activity. Note that TOR do not hide your IP from the viewer.

VPN is a commercial solution to anonymise your IP and your whole online activity
Be aware that a commercial VPN is not there to allow you commit online digital crimes, and those VPN "might" with no garantie and despite whatever they claim, log your real IP into databases and give them on request in case of criminal investigations.
This point is quiet complex to debate now so i will stop here on this, just to say dont think that a VPN is secure to do shit online.
Using a VPN with SL might lead to a ban even if you do not copybot.
Why ? Simple, a VPN provide world wide IPs, imagine you connect at 10:00 am and you get a USA IP, then you connect at 11:00 am and you get a Japanese IP. Linden will detect that your account has been used by 2 different geographical locations that are so far away of each other that it is impossible to move from one to the other in just one hour. So they will consider that your account is haked and put it on a hold. In some cases they ban the account, i dont relay know why but it happened to some people.

This all is good, but you do ONE fucking mistake and you give Linden Lab a hard evidence that you are a copyboter.
what is a mistake ? you log your copybot avatar once with forgetting to spoof your IP and MAC address so linden will have your same MAC logged in their database associated with that copybot avatar and your main one(s).

If for some reasons you got reported, Linden will figure it out at a mouse click and you are done.

Do linden lab scan secondlife to detect copyboter ? i would say NO. But they have investigation tools and special processes for that and they do actions when residents do reports, specialy those who initiate a DMCA.

How much is my chance to get busted in secondlife? Well this depend of the level of risk you take doing copyboting.
If you just rip off stuff there is absolutely no risk, well again depend how you do it, if you are always walking in a noob avatar into popular places, without even deactivating your mouse beam and cam cross, you might be reported.
- deactivate your camera cross
- deactivate your mouse beam 
- do not go in events with an avatar with age less than 30 days
- do not go in events with a noob avatar, wear at least a xenomorph (rabit, monster, cartoon or whatever, there are many on MP for free)
- do not camp positions
- reply to people who speak to you, you do not need to hold a tea evening conversation but reply at least to the first lines 

I have myself spotted copyboters while i was ripping off textures (those ones who committed the mistake of re-uploading famous creators textures without even editing them to remove copyright patterns)
I have even spotted creators copyboting other creators, thats hilarious LMAO.
So i think there are also some creators who use the copybot viewers either for investigation purpose either for copyboting. So be aware.

So far to conclude my post, i would say its a complex point and one is sure, if you just go ripping stuff silently you wont run in trouble.
Also on the board almost all use copybot viewers since years and never got any problem. Does it mean it's safe ? Well its like your home insurance, you may pay all your life for it, and nothing will happen, but you may forget to pay one time your insurance and get your home burned !!!
Here is a simple moto rules : Not seen copyboting, not busted, simple.

~ edited to add the new version she did send me Smile.

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