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Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - ..:: Cyra ::.. - 01-13-2018

hey family
i have to inform you that i will be gone for 3-5 weeks due rt stuff. I will be gone to the hospital....nonononono dont worry all is good they just have to take the nails and plates out of my ankle... i rather do it now because i want to be fit in the summer time ..... you can always reach me due "WhatsApp" or .... i have my smartphone with me and with a lot of luck i will have  a laptop ..... i am not sure WHEN i have to go to the hospital they will call me as soon a bed is free ....could i be the goon i am i would steal the bed hahhahahahaha.

I know for sure, because i saw it many times, thats this forum is in good hands since we have really great Goons here who are always willing to help and offering assistance.
For those who dont like me ~ smirks ~ I COME BACK thats for sure .......everyone who want my "WhatsApp" number please contact me here, via email or mail here.

Any questions are welcome.
~ hugz and smoches ~

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - Benjamin - 01-13-2018

Good luck, we will miss you!

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - weeds1977 - 01-14-2018

heal well! you will be missed

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - MariaM - 01-14-2018

Good Luck CyraSmile ve been there as well! hurry back !

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - showbis - 01-14-2018

Wishing all goes right and that in the end, you can call it another sort of vacations even in bed. TV-junkie
Get well soon! Tune

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - Reddit - 01-14-2018

Hospitals are never a fun place to visit. But you will be fine I am sure. Don't be gone too long, but we will certainly be missing you as well. Make sure to send a postcard for we know you are doing good while you are away. Also, maybe Coyote will log in while your gone and help us deal with some of those pesky shoe selling spambots. Or you might get lucky and have your computer, and be able to spend alot more time here. We shall see.

Any ways, thank you for all you do, and see you soon.

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - Sahulat - 01-14-2018

Best of luck Cyra and please recover soon!
For the procedure you describe 3-5 weeks seems long though.... *kiss*

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - Armand Brack - 01-14-2018

Take care, and you'll be back before you know it.

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - bloodbath - 01-14-2018

good luck ..:: Cyra ::.. gonna miss you hope things turn out good, PS.Rip the textures off the bed for me laughs a bit,

RE: Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks. - xXravenXx - 01-14-2018

we'll be thinking about you darl xx