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Forum Rules Are;

1. No Malware ,Spyware, Trojans or any of that shit EVER !!!.
2. No registering with Temporary Emails.  (Email adresses are FREE so make a normal email when singing up.)
3. No personal info can be shared on this forum . ( Your not allowed to post peoples Real Life info what so ever !!!!!!!)
4. No spamming.
5. No direct links to infected downloads in posts or profiles.
6. No fraudulent activity involving banks, Paypal, identity theft, virtual credit cards, virtual bank accounts, gift cards or credit cards.
7. Multiple accounts will not be allowed unless you are reporting your original account as hacked. Ban evading will result in the permanent closing of your old account and new accounts. No exceptions.
8. No flaming.
9. No sharing accounts .No exceptions.
10. All accounts not visited in the last 3 months will be now automatically desactivated. No exceptions too.
11. No Fuckin viagra bullshit links
12. Its not allowed to copy content from this site to post it on others.
13. Meeting others inworld is on YOUR own RISK
14. Dont use the same passwords for the site ,email & SL accounts. (This is always a BAD idea !)

Break these = Ban


11. No more usernames with special Characters . (Gives only problems when i want to convert the database)

link to Read This First - helpful link collection --->> click->

[To see links please register here]

[To see links please register here]

[To see links please register here]


[To see links please register here]

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Forum Rule. READ THIS FUCKING POST. - by KingGoon - 05-05-2010, 01:36 AM

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