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Good day friends ... i hope you all are safe and sound during these crazy times ...
i wanted to post this thread in order to help the copybot community here to spot SL stores discounts and cool sales for everybody to see ... the thread is open for all to post whenever they see awesome discounts in SL and post here , in order to keep the forum a little extra organized ...
also its another easy way for new users to gain reputation while they learn the copybot ways and share ..

i will start it with this discount of Signature store :

ALL Signature heads and bodies are 50% OFF

starting from : 15th May - 12 PM SLT
finish at : 17th May - 12 PM SLT

at the store inworld

map link :  

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[Image: Sam-fisher-Signature.png]
Tonic is selling the female mesh body,s Tonic fine and the curvy body with 50% discount at the Ebento event 1000 Linden each LM

[To see links please register here]


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