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Darklife Anime Edition 1.8
(07-26-2011, 10:45 PM)Superlife Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.I do take requests if it isn't exploits. Unless u provide the exploit

Request ok i have some mate.....

Right clcik copy & paste am so lost with out this Feature.
Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
lol everything is getting filtered now?
I Quit
currently working on something, after I finish my current projects, I will update the viewer.
I Quit
Next darklife verison is phoenix based
''Unable to connect to second life.

Despite our best efforts, something has unexpected gone wrong.''

m8 it's not happening for me i keep getting this same old message.
turn off ip spoof and try. Then try clearing ur cache manually and see if that works.
I Quit
I miss Neil defense shield that you put in one of your programs, you did lolneil blog at the time, I do not remember if it was 7.0 or 7.5, this shield would be pretty cool back in defense of a new version.
a big hug.
what shield?

rendering fun-> in there ->physics kill
I Quit
super thanks! physics kill .... yes!
what does physics kill even do? lol sorry if noob question

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