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gay viewer made by gay people(source)
can't wait to try the Freeze Sim function, thank you very much
(01-10-2012, 02:28 PM)Hellzcoder Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

What is this viewer ? I see someone say this viewer sound like, hahaha no it is not a new viewer.
Since the first versions of Incognito some users asked us some grieffing functions, but as my Kinggoon partners did not want these features, I decided to make my own viewer.

he idea was not to compete with a furry client named stupidlife(which I copied and pasted), but to have a viewer with the basic copybot function and some grieffings features.

Today I modified it so it can be used safely, because it was originally based on Emerald, it is now recognized as Phoenix
[img]<br />[/img]

have not recompiled the sources, but simply changed the internal name and the UUID of recognition with a hexeditor, I have the sources, but it is faster to do as (and I prefer to use my time to prepare for you a new viewer Music ) and I wanted to test and eventually apply the same modifications to other viewer (that I stole).

So if you want to test a few grieffing functions like the sim crash or simply add it to your collection is now available for download, unfortunately this is not the final version, the only thing I could recover after my pc crash is the icon of the final viewer and this RC2 version with its source (that I had fortunately posted on another forum).

RC2 RELEASE BY Hellzcoder (2012/01/05)

FIX - Pass TPV (Phoenix Spoof)

RC2 RELEASE BY Hellzcoder (2010/08/31)

ADD - ToolBar > Clothings Removal (Neillife)
ADD - Toolbar > Anti Grief Interceptor (Onyx)
ADD - Toolbar > Show Sounds / Source (Onyx)
FIX - VC90 DLL / MANIFEST (Micro$oft)

RC1 RELEASE BY Hellzcoder

ADD - Freeze Sim (Hellzcoder)
ADD - Reset Camera Params (Onyx)
ADD - Forge Creator with no scale & no transfer prim possibility
ADD - Dialog Logger (Neillife)
ADD - SnapShoot Logger
ADD - ToolBar > Show/Save Texture Temporary (Onyx)
ADD - ToolBar > TP to Ground (Neillife)
FIX - emkdu.dll from 1.5.0.x (Emerald)


ADD - TP to Ground (Emerald)
ADD - Draw Distance in Camera (Rainbow)
ADD - Permanent Freeze (Onyx)
ADD - Export Sound wav & ogg (Onyx)
ADD - Disable Autoreturn (Onyx)
ADD - Textures List (Hellzcoder)
ADD - Reverse Engineering Particles (Hellzcoder)
ADD - Speed Rezzing (Imprudence)


ADD - Export / Import Clothes (Onyx)
ADD - Export / Import Attachments (Emerald)
ADD - Export Textures Individually (Hellzcoder)
ADD - Export Animations anim(atn) & bvh (Onyx)
ADD - Built in AO
ADD - MAC/ID0 Address Spoofing (Onyx)
ADD - ToolBar > VoiceHax (VLife)
ADD - MultiToolBar (Hellzcoder)

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