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Ripped stuff in osgrid
(08-19-2017, 09:23 PM)SamTEI Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.What I buy in SL and then I ripp it to get it onto my OpenSim USB stick: who the f*** cares. I payed for it and nobody looks at my USB stick.

Very interesting, maybe instead of telling truisms, you should share with us the things you copied.  Angry Angry Angry
[Image: t6docp.gif]

BE HAPPY, WITHOUT FUCK THE STAFF... Read the forum rules.
I do, I do. More like a Megashare prob and as long I get -rep for comments we all have to wait abit longer nose pick
As time passes you see more and more items from SL in OS sims. There is big push to promote free items which are clearly from SL. It also seem creators from SL care less about their content being available. Really decent mesh skins are now showing up!
Actually i think the human nature stays the same in official grid or OS grid, so basiclly i think, some people may inspect you and be so fucking curious that they can eventually repport you.
I've been worried about this, so that's helpful. I had been off of SL for years (other than popping in one day for egg hunts some years). Once I found out I could finally have my own sim I was elated - always dreamed of that in SL so I could have my own place and create (is that sad? lol) - so I created one. Aside from creating my own stuff eventually, I've always just thought it would be cool to have a place, so I've CBed and uploaded homes, furniture, etc. more so than clothes. (and yes I'm planning to upload more here).

Right now I'm on outworldz but want to move it onto OS grid. I'm happy to know no most people don't care (plus I'd have to bring them to my sim), but what I'm concerned about is if I need to create another avatar and reupload everything when I do eventually connect to OS Grid. I never thought about it in the beginning, but when I started it, I used my main avi name, not sure if maybe that is a dumb thing, because if even one person did care, it would be so easy connect me to SL.

I think it's great for creating too though. I figure if I upload stuff that's from full perm kits and actually make some cool stuff, then it would be totally worth it to pay for the kits and bring my stuff into SL.

Also, I'm not sure yet how to connect or start my grid directly on OS Grid - for now I'd love to have a small place even connected to everyone. One of you said you have a free area in OS Grid? Where do you get those?
@merlina : in your region console :
save iar melina lastname /* yourpassword filename.iar

it will generate a Inventory file that you can load into other grids. with the command :
load iar --merge melina lastname / yourpassword filename.iar

So you can take all your stuff to any other grid, without hassle.

[Image: hHC6ptC.jpg]

I can tell you from being on Osgrid for years that your safe to bring things in. This grid is a Beta grid, and nothing else, they have never claimed to be, this being said they don't check inventory like some other grids.
 Inworldz I can tell you, DOES check inventory for copied stuff and if she finds anything you are instantly banned without warning.
 Littllefield also checks inventory.
So out of all the grids your most safe on Osgrid. uFckr 
And to be honest, I dont think anyone cares...
But if your still worried, you can host your own land on Osgrid using your own Mysql database.
Yes I will be hosting my own once I connect to osgrid so that’s goodSmile

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