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bvhacker version 1.7, The free bvh file editing tool
Tried it a bit and seems really an awesome tool (almost too good to be true)..
you can really easily modify existing BVH files (ofcourse even exported out of SL with out beloved viewers) and add your personal touch ^^"

very very thank to you for posting this and to MsFruund for the link to the super pack of BVH to tinkering with

awesome =)
Awsome tool bro! keep it up!
thank so much for this program i love practicing build
wow nice thaznks so much
I noticed that this wasn't updated and not sure if anyone is still interested in this tool but there is a later version.
It is also open source so don't know if anyone has updated this beyond this point.

New features and changes in version 1.8:
Added four new video tutorials to the help section
Now possible to merge joints with their parent - useful for converting skeletons with roll bones
Now possible to delete descendants - useful for removing multiple finger or toe joints
Now possible to zero out descendants - see new video tutorial for use
Added preferences dialog (Ctrl P)
Now possible to set the default file view for open and save dialogs
Now possbile to show or hide the head mesh display
Added Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to the view shortcuts
Removed 'Show first frame' view option

Bugs squished in version 1.8:
Fixed bug where global rotation didn't work if there was an offset set on the hips

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