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Am I missing something here why are you guys saying thank you for a great share when the link to the download no longer works the Link is Dead?????????
i will try then ins there one that can export import objects wiht sripts?
thanks ,, i am so lost here,, trying to find how to upload my things
Thank you for this share
thanks for the update
because people have to reply to see the link, and dont know its dead or want to try it and see if its still dead
No, you are not missing anything. The link is dead but people feel they have to say something, anything to get their post amount up. They will say thank you to anything at all whether it is there or not. Kind of stupid really. And using old viewers is silly too. Most of the time they don't work well but people hope anyway they can get a copybot viewer without working for it. Also there is not much difference between high and ultra in reality. If you are using a laptop that isn't a gaming laptop, you shouldn't be using SL anyway. I watch far too many people on laptops complain daily about lag and bumping into things because they can't see them or they are just rezzing very slow. If Dartstorm ( Firestorm ) doesn't work for you try Goonlife ( Singularity ). You are going to wonder what is going on when LL blocks all v1 type viewers.
nice viewer thanksss hurts
can i download it?

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