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I.e. from obj --> fbx then fbx --> dae.
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if it will make working with mesh easier , ill give it a shot m, thanks for the info Smile
Tried it out a bit and it does nice conversions (tried it with some turbosquid .fbx files and they works in other programs)..however i found a problem i hope maybe someone can help me solve: teh .dae files created are correct but for some reasons i get errors when i try to upload them in SL (unrecogniezd file, etc..)..does someone knows what is going wrong? does SL requires some "standards" in .dae i'm missing? do i have to change something in the dae? in the sl import settings? OMG i'm getting a big headache right now xD

thank you in advance /bow

doing obj > fbx > dae seems to generate less unusable .dae for sl instead of the pure fbx > dae...
now i need an easy way to "decimate" triangles unless i want a 600prims sofa in SL LOL
blender hates me, there is a an easy progam that can do that? maybe as easy as fbx converter? =) lol i'm asking really a lot i know ^^
grazie controllo
thank you so much
Danke für den Post es ist sehr schön
Thanks for the post it is very nice
I have tested this program and see that it is not very good, at least I see a problem that gives more work than if done directly converting blender, and what if you need to convert a OBJ file that is composed of several mesh, to make DAE joins the program to all mesh into one mesh, so it would have to disengage after getting a UVmap to each separate mesh to texturing
he probado este programa y veo que no es muy bueno, al menos veo un problema que dá mas trabajo que si se hace la conversión directamente en blender, y es qué si tienes que convertir un archivo OBJ que esté compuesto por varios mesh, al convertirlo a DAE el programa une todos los mesh en una sola malla, por lo que despues habria que desunir para poder obtener un UVmap de cada malla por separado para poder texturizar
[Image: t6docp.gif]
[Image: t6docp.gif]

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very nice ty hope link is still good
I have problem , when convert obj to dae cant upload files like clothes !?
Be more specific FFS.
Clothes from where? Ripped from SL / Made for SL? / Daz/Poser shit?

Converting anything to dae doesnt gurantee you a sucessful upload to SL.
It may or it may not. thats just the nature of mesh.

The geometry/model could be corrupted and needs cleaning up to make it SL ready.
SL import a lot of times fails with overlapping faces/bad/no uv mapping, etc.
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