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i found this simple program while searching for textures for my sign store in sl it it allows you to convert a gif into a jpeg or png file that you can upload into secondlife to make those all singing all dancing animated textures or signs or whatever you want to create

all you do is run the small program and load gif then once you have the selected gif file you want you click output this will save the file somewhere on you computer to either jpeg or png format which makes it look like alot of movie slides this file then you upload into sl.

then create a prim copy the script into the prim thats attached and then copy your new uploaded texture into the prim also this will animate the texture and make it look very profession hope this helps everyone sharing is good

please before uploading check both files with antivirus i have at my end but always be safe

Attached Files
.txt   gif animator.txt (Size: 1.58 KB / Downloads: 168)
.zip (Size: 20.56 KB / Downloads: 183)
.png   2010-05-15_033116.png (Size: 36.8 KB / Downloads: 78)
Useful.. will test it. Thanks for UP..
i dont have the gif_2_SL_animation_v0.6.exe in the folder ?
[Image: xfrxbl.jpg]
Loco that it is the source code look here to download the binary

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thanx thedemonofsl and pormor
[Image: 15d5jis.png]
ah ok thx Big Grin \o/
[Image: xfrxbl.jpg]
I can't download it
[Image: Final_Fantasy_Advent_Children.JPG]
ty Wink))
[Image: 296osoz.png]
o__o been looking for something like this, man.. i love this forum.

Thanks I plan on making some hilarious bullet boxes

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