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Keimo Ascent 2.8 - viewer from 2010 =old
Th@kzz ghost9 & keimo for the upgrade !!
Tks o/
great viewer works verry good when building
Big Grin
Thanks for the update Smile
[Image: 9jemwp.jpg]
Thanks for the update, i've never used this viewer but thought i'd give it a shot... just one question: how do we use the built in AO? :P
[Image: 5v2o13.png]
use jelly roll for animations and put them on it
(12-28-2010, 11:09 AM)ghost9 Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.use jelly roll for animations and put them on it

Tomorow i will give a try to make some mov's about features...
them new copy/paste options in the build window are the shiznit!!!...
Downloading. it says 9 mins left Smile
Thanks very much
(12-28-2010, 11:09 AM)ghost9 Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.use jelly roll for animations and put them on it
Thanks! I ended up just buying an AO from Kuso... they're so cheap anyway, lol. But at least i know how to now. :P
[Image: 5v2o13.png]
OK honestly, i was never going to release this publicly. I made it for my friends ghost and sarah. But if ghost sees it big enough to make an installer for and release then ok =)

I will make a small walkthrough of some commands

but if you like the copy paste try this. rez 2 or more prims highlight them all and click the align box on build menu then play with the cones =)

and yes viewer is much faster i took max bandwidth from 5000kb per second to 30000kb per second. which can be adjusted in prefrences/network

also on inventory window click create and select new pretend object. name it anything then input any uuid you want on asset line skin texture, gesture, animation, object, clothing, texture,notecard, whatever and on bottom left select what type of thing it is and bam it opens. then right click it in system inventory and save as and bam its saved to hard drive ^^

if it opens hex editor pay attention, you might need to click upload on hex editor for it to go to perm inventory.

and you can hold shift and right click any texture display window to grab it. be it object texture, avatar texture, ground texture, sculpt texture or say there is a 6 sided cube in world. you can hold shift and right click on each side and it grab texture.

to export them. the textures in system inventory must be opened all first then save as

this is to prevent lock ups in the system which have shown time and time again in all copybots

if you use in open sim you have ability to make prims size .001m to 1000m in size and can link unlimited numbers of prims into one linkset. pretty cool

seeing how sl limit is .01 to 10m in size. and 255 prims per linkset.

with this you can link your entire sim into one linkset object with mega prims and micro prims

k thats few features i post more later =)

and no i wont change ao to use notecard, i build this viewer for me and my friends. I have a personal built hud that controls my animations, hair color, eye color, fingernail and toe nail color, and controls my entire house system.
along with my rez system and linkset animator system.
so is completely useless to me. this isnt mcdonalds its not thankyou drive thru
so get with the fucking program =) hugs
[Image: 25iys6u.png]

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