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WHy are you in Second Life?
(01-21-2014, 01:02 PM)MasterDrusus Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Now I make my own fun. Not the same though. Kinna miss the old days
I totally know what you mean, the old days when every newb had that cage gun and sandboxes were literely battlefields. Good times bro.
I joined SL due to its building capability, thought it was fun to make anything and then I started socializing and RPing, pretty much had so much fun.
I've been in SL a very long time. Originally made an account because a roommate was playing. He told me how awesome it was, that he could be a fox and blah blah furry this and that. When he said you could fly I was like oh dayum, I must try this. I must have hit the worst spot in the entire grid because I was so lagged I couldn't move, let alone do anything else. I hated it. Logged out, deleted.

A year later, another friend of mine told me that he sells his art in second life and I should too. I told him second life was a laggy piece of shit and I wasn't playing it. He told me that I was probably on some noob region and thats why it was laggy. I was like what the hell is a region? So he taught me second life, got me dressed, and introduced me to people. I made my first prim on my first day and haven't stopped creating since. I cannot say I stayed for people, because I have and pretty much always will spend 90% of my SL time alone and lonely. I just love to have it as another creative outlet and thats pretty much all I use it for... aside from shopping. Addicted to shopping -.-
I've been in SL since April 28, 2008 (My registered date). I don't remember how I manage to discover SL, but I did. I can really appreciate the social aspects that this software can provide to me. I've met some pretty interesting people over the years. I've even had some relationships. If only SL wasn't so damn laggy.
For Roleplaying and exploring.
I came into SL with a bunch of my Sims Online friends. I heard that you could make money in the game which peaked my interest since I was a broke college student at the time. I joined, got stuck in a pool, got pissed that there were no stairs and it was too high to jump out of (didnt know i could fly or tp) logged, and deleted it.

Two years later I came back again to make back the money that I had gambled away in SL (yes, there used to be gambling in SL) and found some live musician friends. Now, when I am not shopping or playing greedy and voice chatting with my friends, I am at karaoke and live concerts in SL. I also love participating in the fundraiser events like Relay For Life etc.

I love that Second Life is whatever you want it to be. Some people are there for business, some people are there for relationships and sex, some people like to roleplay, others like to build/script/photograph etc. I've even seen in-world replicas of school campuses so people can get a walk-thru before going to visit the school in person. Kinda neat.
I joined firstly to make friends and shit, Now I just make money on it.
Hmmmm cuz i'm boring and i just wanna find something else to do.Cuz normally i just play games,watch anime...........and play games.SL brings me a lot fun and I've learn a lot of programming thingy.....and of course......copybotBig Grin
IMHO it's a good platform to live fantasies you can't live in real life.
Playing different roles makes it just exciting for me
I came in by accident but couldn't get out. Now I build and stuff and love it Smile
I was a lonely home schooler and got hooked haha! I wanted friends so baaad Want

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