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Darklife Anime Edition V1.1 (DLAE) (viewer 1 Base)
Welcome back! Trying the viewer now
Thank You for the new viewer Neil Smile
Have downloaded it and will try it out soon Meaw
thanks superlife
ip spoof is very good !!!!!!!!!!
Nice Valentine present Neil !

I didn't notice before, but good to have you back men, respect !
[Image: 2z6unoh.gif]
Thanks Supelife
great job once again neil....tnx
great job on viewer but sadly none of crashor buttons work in violet Sad
Um, because its hidden in there but you can do it.
LOL, your crashing

Lady99 Gearz is a undercover linden in violet watch out for her. Well thats what my friend missbioch tells me. She is a griefer who usually crashes violet,moose beach,ahern, and a few other places using my client so if you see her say hi.

My next version of my client. There will be undercover linden detection.
I Quit
Undercover linden dection? omfg you guys are hilarious. Ya'll so fucking rock. lmao I can see it now. I'd be banned in 24 hours for walking up to a linden going so about that complaint I made 5 years ago? They go Sir. I am not a Linden. I go, don't bullshit me you fuckin wanker. I know I got x-ray linden vision now biach!!!! lmao :P
wow nice thx =)

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