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Darklife Anime Edition V1.1 (DLAE) (viewer 1 Base)
Some new features that you haven't seen in any of the viewers so far. I got invited back on kings site by Kinggoon so I said ok.
I may have to run more mandatory update to fix up a few of the spam prevention features because I been lazy on adding it before but I will add it on the next version so the next one relocking it up.

1.Working ip spoofer where you can customize ips which was put in slme 1.8. This one really works, I found out instead of using tmac to spoof ur mac adress you can just use my ip spoofer and ur back in regardless. Test it out if ur using a proxy anyways now to get in.
2.retrieve groups when hidden from profile (added it back from neillife v5)
3. minor changes can be also found from 1.7 updates in siriusupdates.txt
4. redesign of sasuke being on login screen
5. neilglmode new graphics game mode that makes everything shiny.
6. group animated titles


security fix requested by someone to prevent people stealing your animation permissions
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Thank you Neil. Great to see your back.
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THANKS nice one Super Big Grin make a viewer phoenix based lol
no never
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why super Sad this viewer can crash sims? i just been on it so many effects lol the animated group title great idea
it can if u know how.

Take me on a griefing rampage, I will crash any sim u see.
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Slow it down girl you goin through avi's like used underwear. If you saw the video from operation payback is a bitch a clue to how that crasher works is there. Darklife Smile so gothic Smile i can't wait to log this beast in on that note alone. Should i buy you a pair of doc's and a trench coat for valentines superlife.
zombies+weed/wrath times the speed of fright squared-brains*100%fucked=??????
(02-14-2011, 12:51 PM)The Governor Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.why super Sad this viewer can crash sims? i just been on it so many effects lol the animated group title great idea

just proved u I can crash violet aka non build area.
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Wow thanks Super so glad to see you back...I hope for good this time! Huggs Smile
[Image: 7089_s.gif]
If anyone is having trouble with ip spoofing, Ask me.

No one needs tmac to change mac adress of the router with darklife anymore.
I am constantly logging on chineese ips.

Use hidemyass. Ip:port .

I am planning to make a voice ip spoofer a bit later too. First a voice debugger, I want to release to everyone before I start modifying voice packets.

I am also going to have to run 1 more update on darklife anime edition before locking it up again. The update is to avoid spam and probably another options. I already fixxed multiple im tab spam because one of my friends was getting spammed by it .

Onced locked, I can give a few copies to a few vips(only), I am also adding back no copy kill in my locked version for anyone who missed it, I got it working again.

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