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SL GO Firestorm
This is not a copybot viewer and is a paid service (monthly fee for unlimited use) but does have a free 7 day trial.

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It's   worth trying if you have a lower spec pc as I do. The monthly  cost is about the same as a Burger and a pint Smile
On my laptop dual core with 512mb AMD graphics I can get arouund 10-25 fps depending on where I am, More than 10 avatars in view and I start to lag badly, plus my free mem get used up after about an hour.
With the SL GO client I can run ultra, DOF, everything on and maxed out and still get well over 40fps. I've never seen it drop below 25-30 even in a club with 70 avatars. SL GO uses Nvida high end graphics and Xeon cpu.

Onlive on Android and Ipad is based on the SL viewer but if you log in on a desktop client then you also get the option of using Firestorm.
Some slight differences . No debug menu. No local sotrage of log files. No upload of mesh or import, No ability to save pictures to disk.

One thing I do on my main account is take a lot of pictures. You can't save screengrabs to your own PC but you can email snapshots to yourself (depending on server loadup to about 2500x1900 reolution or you often get errors)
Or better yet, direct upload to flickr. Uploading to flickr lets you take amazingly detailed shot becuase it's not upscaled but the scene is rendered server side. I've managed 6000x6000 pretty easily with Ultra setting and a draw of 800 metres.  A friend of mine struggles on their desktop to save pictures at that resolution. (I'd give you a link but that would expose my main account  Wink )
Remember, if you have a high end computer then this really isn't designed for you, you already  get to see SL in all it's shiny that those of us with crappy specs only dream of.
Anyways, a free 7 day test is worth checking out right ?

sl go is so injust
In what way ? The price ? Less than premium and less than the cost of a couple of drinks down the pub.
The usage ? It's unlimited use, I'm using it now as my main client everyday (with the Firestorm option)
Again, it's totally free for 7 days to test it out Smile

Not using a copybot viewer is just wrong. Yarr

(01-14-2015, 09:28 PM)Sahulat Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Not using a copybot viewer is just wrong. Yarr

LMAO. Good job I put this in the legal viewers forum :P

Rest of the time I'm usually on Sombrero .


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