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j2c to PNG very fast converter and viewer
thank you so much Gina for the great job and tool.
hmm, I wonder if I can browse the firestorm/Darkstorm cache with this, instead of "SL cache viewer", then, bulk save Selected items (a rename images function would be nice too). The cache viewer has only: "save one image" or "save f*ck*n everything" but it can convert to multiple file formats (PNG32). ... Update: tested, nope, can't access the cache folder.
i tried this program, and it truly was very fast, and easy. I was able to save it right to my computer once the texture was loaded into the program via the UUID. Amazing and great work!
Once converted can you delete the old jc2 file?
Or should I keep both?
(01-02-2018, 10:08 AM)CpyK9T2 Wrote:

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Or should I keep both?

the best way to find out

try it with something small

XML files only show the UUID

for the cache folder I think You need the .j2c extension ( don't know for sure )

because the viewer read the files

[Image: 10ifb54.png]

(01-02-2018, 10:08 AM)CpyK9T2 Wrote:

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Or should I keep both?

Files j2c stored into texture cache.

The j2c files are stored in the texture cache viewer, divided into two parts.
The first 600 bytes of each j2c files are stored in the file ..\texturecache\texture.cache.
If the j2c file is longer than 600 bytes, then the excess part is stored in a subdirectory of the 16 (0 to 15). The file name is the UUID of the texture with ".texture" as extension.
The assignment to one of the 16 subdirectories is made according to the first character of the UUID
The file ..\texturecache\texture.entries is an index for searching the position of the first 600 bytes in the file texture.cache.
I may have posted in this thread before, but this program is awesome! It makes it very easy to just copy and paste into the program instead of having to copy/paste into a notecard, like I do most of the time. I look forward to whatever else you have to share Smile.

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