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Attention Leechers and Proud members - Warnings And Bannings.
Only my opinion.
I understand if you guys and girls want to keep the interaction in this forum alive, but measuring it by making it hard for users to feel the value in this forum by letting them posting before leeching, that leads to spam.

I saw this on other forums and they either lowered the post count to 10 or just disabled this feature.
My recommendation is to make people apply, by filling out a long-form with 21 questions and a task to upload something valuable.

How do you think?
Hola, soy nuevo, gracias por la ayuda de todos, estoy tratando de aprender, todavía no tengo nada nuevo para comparar, perdón por los errores, mi idioma no es el inglés, uso el traductor de Google
Hi, I'm new, thanks for everyone's help, I'm trying to learn, I still have nothing new to compare, sorry for mistakes, my language is not English, I use the google translator
(02-02-2017, 06:32 PM)C.Nails Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

its so hard to navigate though x_x

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