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singularity viewer
new viewer, anybody know this viewer???


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[Image: rod1.png]
The names been round for a while. I tried it out a while back looks like it was one of the first rebuilds of Ascent after it was dropped in normal development if I remember right. Didn't play with it very much to see what got changed though. I could be wrong though so...Meaw
It's a great viewer.. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it runs pretty well. I haven't been experiencing memory leaks or crashes ever since using this viewer.
i prefer phoenix lol
Same here on the viewers. If I had to use a LL approved viewer(which luck has it I don't) it'd be Phoenix. The extra features to cut out most spam and stop passive attacks and key cmd phantom wins out for me. Now:cool: if only Incognito had a mac build. Perfect viewer for hanging out in the sandboxes.

Love this viewer its so smooth and runs great think would be great if someone used this as a base for a new viewer its the fastest for me yet
Ive been using it. Runs pretty smooth more light on my pc plus u can use speed rezzer. Helps some
but u cant take snaps to disk or u crash..
Interesting info about Singlarity:

Singularity Viewer

Developed by Siana Gearz, the Singularity viewer is a crossbreed of the Ascent 1.* base with several functions of other clients, as well as performance optimizations by Siana herself and Shyotl Kuhr. The client is aimed at being a replacement derivative of Ascent, as well as a client that will surpass, one day, the stability of all others out there.
Much requested Ascent features features like RLVa have been added, as well as a slew of Phoenix, Imprudence, CoolViewer, Dolphin- and v2 features.

NOTE THAT SINGULARITY BINARIES ONLY SUPPORT SSE2-CAPABLE CPUs. This should, -theoretically-, include pretty much any processor starting with the Pentium 4, and any 64bit AMD CPU.
I use this viewer regularly. PH and FS run so slow on my computers. I love it. I don't crash as much with it like I did the PH and FS.

I need to pay better attention to the last post date. Great.
[Image: eqahi.gif]
Hmm I have never used singularity but I've heard about it before from my friends

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