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animated gif to SL animation
Big Grin 
The file includes the gif_2_SL_animation_v0.6.exe program as well a modified script to use in world to animate the textures gif_2_SL_animation.lsl
It will allow you to take animated gif's and convert them into [framed] .jpg images that can then be uploaded into SL and using the supplied script animate the texture on the given face of a prim.


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it didn't work for me. Probably need more instructions. I would like to get it to work with my own animation pictures .

I am not sure if I should put the texture name in line 66 or leave the script as it is.

The program renames the downloaded animated gif to its own name with numbers . Do you use the texture name or change it to your own?
@rxry maybe this helps

h ttp:// 
it leads to : h ttp://  where you find :

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file # 2. - script by Ferd Frederix

there is more information on the website OP where OP got the script from.

OP. your shares are mostly copy/paste from free online scripts sources. Can't you dig up anything else? Or at least mention your source?

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