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Transaction History Scanner and Privacy Breaker - Does it even exist?!
So here is the situation. 

I have a friend (A) that has a friend (B). 

Apparently, during a grieving attack on a certain sim. Friend B tried to (if I understood correctly) defend the sim and lost a considerable amount of lindens due to one of those auto-pay theft things that apparently happens to everyone at least once in the course of their Second Life. 

But as if the situation wasn't bad enough on itself, as no one likes to try to do something good and loose money in the process, Friend B was not very HAPPY when the sim owner or security or whatever came close to them saying that they would "scan" their avatar and see into their Transaction History, thus breaking Friend B's privacy rights to look at their financial situation, and if they were speaking the truth, the money would be refunded by the sim administrators. 

So, pardon my very clear English here, what the fuck?! Is there REALLY some script or device that can 'scan' avatars for their transaction history and other data? Is it done through a viewer or something? 

I will elaborate more if asked, but I won't be debating the moral aspects of this situation as it changes with each and every one's concept of moral, ethic and even culture, which we have many around here and the subject could become heated and messy, which we do NOT want. But I do want to know if that 'scan' is even possible within second life and if so, how is it done? 

Thank you all.
My idea about this is, that the sim owner just talks a shitload of bullcrap!

let him proof that he can do that
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Never heard of such script or whatever to check ur $ status (like IRS)

1 - How can you have access to something you can't inworld (transactions it's one)
if things haven't change, for that - you need to logon into their website and check there)

2- If he would say he knows how much you have.... maybe

3 if i would ever think on doing a game, 1st rule it's - payment gateways not in the game code, other than a connector to check on your balance

Sounds like BS, smells like BS, it's probably BS Smile
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So your friend lost some lindens protecting the sim.

The lindens went somewhere. They are traceable.
He can check his transaction history and see who is the owner of the object that took the lindens.
Thanks all for answers, it did got me worried there and I hope its a load of crap. 

Starkler - it's not my friend per se, it's a friend of a friend - as I mentioned in the second line of the original post: 
Quote:I have a friend (A) that has a friend (B).
I don't know that person 'in person' or 'in avatar'.

And yes, if they did click an object and paid that object, forcefully or not, it would, indeed, be on the transaction history, the legal one. But I suppose no one likes to pay people they don't know, right? 

Having said that, the facts prove the existence of money scams: 1. the mass amount of warnings about scam and linden theft found in places like Collabor, Fameshed and many random shops aren't there just to be cute and annoy customers (annoyed customers do not return to spend!). And 2., if Linden Labs were notorious for returning money to people that pay another, directly or through a vendor or another object, by will or against their will, again, such warnings would not be necessary. However, of course, Linden Labs really do not give a damn. They couldn't care less. They have theirs, and that's good enough. 

But, What if scammed people do know the name of the person the money went to? The money could be transferred to another and another then another so fast we can't even think and at the end of it that first avatar could very well have been deleted. Again, LL got theirs, they will not trace one scammer, or many, unfortunately. The money never gets back to whoever lost it. That's moot all the same. 

I have had my own experience about it in 2011. And from then to now, nothing really changed in that regard. You can know the name and address of the person that took your money, the money will not get back to you. While I do have a lot of solidarity towards whoever lost money this way, back then or now, I know for a fact or self experience that once the money is gone, it is gone forever, it'll not return, no one has proven me wrong yet, nothing can be done for the cash to return, so that is not the point or merit of this post.

What really rubbed me the wrong way was the fact or rumor that someone, another simple end-user, could actually use a viewer or script INSIDE SL to tell the color of your real life underwear and your very own transaction history. THIS is what the post is all about. Does any of our viewers in 'god mode' does that? Does it even exist? The other folks over there say it's a load of bull (I hope they're right). And since I don't like to spend my short spurs of time in SL in fear, while I know someone can share my skin or rob the textures of my hair, (which I really do not mind as I believe in sharing), knowing someone can go so far as to know they can SPY on a Transaction History and/or IP like that, is freaky at best. 

It happened to this folk there, and whether said device exists or not, it scared them, so they shared. And I won't say it didn't worry me too. It should worry anyone who is concerned about privacy, and I do not know any better place to ask if this is possible or not, than in here. But we also need to ask ourselves how WE would feel if it happened to US. Because, it could! You're happily buying your shoe at Collabor, your shirt at TMD, and suddenly you know some asshole is scanning your Transaction History. Would it not scare you? It scares me for sure.

We are here to share our skins, hairs and textures, mesh heads, etc. Our transaction history, the IP addresses of the spots we log into SL, or whatever else, belong to each and every one of us. One thing is to willingly share. Another is to be invaded.

THIS is what this post is all about.
You cannot access transaction history of another avatar - ever. Also, even on site your transaction history is only 32 days long. No doubt LL is keeping them all on transaction servers but since you don't want to query database of 10 years old avatar for every transaction in process they have limited it, at least my guess is. Access it either in world or outside of SL would mean SERIOUS security issue which I highly doubt even if it exists would go undetected. That would mean that with access to transaction server you would be able to add yourself or others L$, which again even if would exists would mean that something is horribly wrong.
Also, to be able to steal money from you, object has to ask for permission. You know the big fat colorful one that sticks out like sore thumb. I have never heard of item that you pay to and is able to steal money from you. Since 2007 I have never been a victim of any type of scam, mostly because 99% of them rely on pure human stupidity, e.g. click on Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links. clickbait here> where you are presented with fake login screen, to name just one... so basically if its sounds too good to be true, then it probably is
For majority of residents in Europe, yes, you cant do much about it, but I guess in the States its bit different, otherwise they wouldn't have as much lawyers as they do Wink
- Hey mate, what is causing "stack heap collision" error?
- Probably four people in a threesome...
Love ya guys! Thank you!

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