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Viewer for Bento
(10-12-2017, 12:35 AM)Prime1 Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Novella, respectfully: I can't find any reason for attack the people who dedicate more than us to keep this forum working.

I do not attack. I have noted only that the ship is unmanned. And I'm not alone Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
(10-10-2017, 02:13 PM).Flagg. Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.The fact that people still do make it to Supporter status, which is functionally equivalent to VIP but doesn't cost money, is itself proof that if they can, then anyone can.  Whatever anyone may feel could be done differently with the forum, the fact is that it works already as it is.  If you feel strongly enough that a thing needs changing, put in the time and effort to gain the respect and experience it takes to have a voice people will listen to, and from that standing you can speak for changes you feel could be beneficial.

As for unfairness, unfair things happen every day, and the same philosophy pretty much applies to that as well.  Banging on about it isn't going to undo it, that just wastes time and energy.  As the saying goes, suck it up, buttercup.

Hypocrisy, you aren't looking at the details of the picture.  This forum exists to bring nice things to people who either can not afford the ridiculous prices some creators charge, or who on principle simply will not pay that.  If you are here in the first place, you are here because you wanted to "suck the work of others", to use your own words, which means that you want to have those things, you just don't want to pay those prices to have them.  If you want to get them from here, instead of doing the work yourself to get them, we are not in the least hypocritical for expecting you to bring something to the table if you are going to take something from the table.  I'm sure some of them don't see it this way but creators do benefit from our existence; we learn things and teach things here that end up making their work better (if they care, but that's another story), we develop new methods and enhance existing ones for making things, for viewer features; we put their product in front of a lot of eyes more than would otherwise have ever seen it, I think that's enough said to make the point.  The initial status here is called 'leecher' exactly because it is supposed to 'itch' a bit and make people want to get out of it, and anyone who doesn't want to do that? well, then it just becomes the title they deserve to keep.
Hello Mr Flagg, well firstly, my criticism of how the rules of this forum are managed is just my point of view, because of what happened to me, I kept tabs on when the domain was still kinggon and not In reference to hypocrisy, I mean that many condemn the noobs as being people who only come here to steal, as if what they post here were works of their own, something that you know they are not. But I do not want to get into that argument again. As for the fact of saying unfair rules, I say because I read and have been through some persecutions when I still had the old account and everything I posted was criticized and removed, a moderator once even deleted a link to a YouTube video claiming that I mentioned the other forum which was not true, but I understood later that it was a shared content that was here in the VIP area. The rule of the power forum is only 10 hours logged in I do not know why. but many times I leave several tabs on my open browser, and when I close I do not usually move from the sites where I have to log in, some automatically log me off when closing the tabs, but this does not happen with kinggon, so when I reopened it I was banished, and I clearly understood the reason by rereading the rules. Again here is just my opinion and observation, in which I think yes disrespect with the new accounts of this forum, calls them "leecher", or you would like, for example, to make an account on a website and in your account you had one But if you have not posted anything yet, hours if you are new in a place should be treated with more respect for sure you would be more interested in continuing to participate in that community, but I know that everyone comes here because they want to have the things more easily since many are too expensive to get inside the SL.  Sorry for the English language is not my main language so I know there should be some errors and this may lead to misunderstandings.
Again here is just my opinion and observation, in which I think yes disrespect with the new accounts of this forum, calls them "leecher", or you would like, for example, to make an account on a website and in your account you had one label "asshole", just because he has not posted anything yet.
I can understand both points of views in a way, as I was once the newbie / Leecher and now made it to the other side of Super Member / Supporter.

When I first started as a leecher, I was smart enough to make my introductions, then went off and read almost the entire site, read me firsts, tutorials, refined searches on google, made notes, then came back and asked questions on the bits I still couldn't figure out.

But that is my nature, I was brought up to never ask for help unless no other choice, which often bites me in the ass as many times I should ask for help and don't, but i digress.

So most times when I did ask questions and was able to quote the research I did before asking, even if I didn't get the answer I got given pointers on where to look next, so I was able to learn it myself.

I also looked around the forum to see if stuff I had bought from stores in past had been posted, if not then I would share them.

I would look for limited editions of stuff, things that were limited quantities too, so even if they were free they wouldnt be at that for long, till they had ran out and gone back to original values.

I also cleaned up my posts, checked links I posted, so if it was a ship as some have said, I tried to keep it in clear waters.

And yes, I often got told off for making mistakes, many a time I had one of the mods in my inbox giving me a bit of a ticking off, and I would just reply fair enough, no point in arguing with a mod, it's a fight you can't win as a member, and as a point of reference, you really don't want mods mad at ya for too long, it's very very bad JuJu.

Now as a Super Member / Supporter, I tend to just ignore posts/threads when people ask the same things that I know have already been answered, and yes it does piss me off too that they not took the time to look, read, research first, but where I simply ignore it, others that have done the hard graft to get to our status prefer to express their anger, and all I will say to that is, each to their own.

As for the problems of the site, yeah it's pretty fucked up in a lot of ways, but it still works, we make do with what we got, and we have a hell of a lot.

And as my long since departed mother would say to me, if you don't like something, get off ya ****ing ass and do something about it, don't sit there moaning and whining.

So if you don't like the fact darkstorm can't see bento, go get simms opensource code for his viewer based OnFirestorm and learn to compile and update and code so you can have your own, if you want the alpha bento viewer in VIP section then either pay the money to be VIP or do like myself and others have done and graft the hard way to get Super Member status.

But the choice is always down to the members, we help those that do everything they can to help themselves, so we can see they are worth the time and effort to invest our knowledge into.

Have a lovely day.
"Quote the Raven, Never More"
While the site has seen more active days, it still works.

And no, the rules, guidliness and norms are not complicated or stacked against new people - they are pretty straight forward.

First - this is a sharing site, not a download site - so share - it's just that simple.

Two - members are not paid to provide help or viewers or whatever to others, we spend our personal free time doing so - so being thankful while not wasting our time is much appreciated.

Three - there are loads of written guides and information posted to answer the vast majority of questions - use them (see #2 about wasting our time).

Four - spamming 'thanks' or random comments on dozens of threads is a big no-no as it doesn't contribute to sharing (#1), wastes everyone's time (#2), and shows one hasn't bothered reading the guidelines.

Follow the above and most here are more than welcoming, I love new people.

But come here and complain / put up an attitude while only taking and failing to put in any effort such as failing to read the guides, and expect to get heckled.
this guy is everywhere
(10-28-2017, 03:27 AM)Dracka Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.this guy is everywhere

Do yourself a favor and take your foot off the gas a bit ... stop posting all over the place yourself and go read the link in my signature, learn how the forum works and, by reading whatever all areas you have access to, get a feel for a few things to avoid doing so you don't get people annoyed at you because of stuff you don't know yet. And you can test this, because I don't mess with Darkstorm or animations in general enough to remember for sure, but I believe if you rip animations to *.anim or *.animatn format, even with Darkstorm, then upload them with a regular viewer, they will work even tho Darkstorm can't see them right.
Fractured Crystal: You know ban evasion isn’t in the TOS, right?
SL banned? Search 'technitium', 'MAC changer', 'serial changer', 'ban evasion', 'VPN', 'IP ban', 'hardware ban'.
As a Gemini I can argue any side of everything with equal conviction.  You have been warned.
New here?  Click: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
I know I'm late to the party but after stumbling on this thread and seeing the visceral hate for "Leachers" embodied by one user and they are lacking any self awareness as to why people would remain leachers I'll explain it here.

He starts off with:
 "ahhh another one comes out of the woodwork.  Where are your shares leecher?  Don't think you are going to give this person advice.  -rep"
Heres a thought: Without a decent copybot viewer how is OP going to get anything people would want to get through shares? I've only managed to get mediocre stuff through basic XML copybots. When I've bought some stuff want to share Darkstorm 3.1 isn't the best at getting some things out, and it's not very friendly with the 3rd party program that rips fitted mesh. Not to mention with the person's attitude why would anyone, leacher or not, even feel inclined to share with someone not only so self righteous on a site based on taking other people's creations through illegitimate means but also be rude about it. 
"Don't think you are going to give this person advice" So the guy saying there is an alpha, which there is, and saying it's not available at the moment is cause to push someone down? Really? Is that how bad things get around here to make the community as unwelcoming as possible? Shoving out people and huddling up together while throwing insults at anyone at a perceived lesser rank than you only creates elitist cliques. How about lets not make this forum modeled after SL clubs that die fast thanks to elitist bullshit like that?

Then theres this part of mental gymnastics that's just embarrassing. 
"If you "rarely" log in, then we really do not need you here. You have contributed absolutely zero to the community.  You have had plenty of time to do so.  Swear all you want,  If you had really wanted to be part of this place you would have done so by now, and you have not,  so far be it from me to point that out." 
It's funny, people might have interests outside of this site. And with some people being so hostile who would want to stay for long? What would encourage them to contribute if your baby-tier behavior is anything to go by? I had to read the 
"If you had really wanted to be part of this place you would have done so by now"  a few times over because the lack of self-awareness is just stunning. With people like you going around slamming down anyone with a "Leacher" tag then why would they ever want to be around? They're just going to assume this community is shit when you're proving that opinion right. Maybe try giving some advice of your own rather than have this "Holier than thou" attitude on, again, a forum based on taking other people's creations through illegitimate means. 

"If I had not, someone else would have.  We do not like leechers here or people who lurk in the shadows and feed off those who are sharing.  The active members of this forum deserve better than that.  So yes, you better believe I will call you out. "
Again the guy shows his high and mighty state that is based off literally stealing content. Yeah, people lurk, there are lurkers on every forum and site out there. You know how lurkers usually contribute? By ad revenue seen on various sites. Page visits help websites and forums thanks to ad revenue and tend to help out more than some whiny adult with the mentality of a child pushing everyone off the site with their tantrums. You're not giving any actual incentive for someone on the forum to want to stick around here because you're just that toxic. You know all it takes is just reading your bad natured post to make it so they'd never want to deal with this community? Because people also lurk just to get a feel for a community overall and whether or not they want to join it. Someone with amazing talent in coding could be scared off because you're too toxic to welcome new and inactive members to the community, you are a literal poison. You scare off potentially active members from a community for no reason and you think it's alright and you even think YOU deserve better, that YOU are championing for all the active members here. If you're a representative of this entire community then the hope for the future of this place is bleak. "So yes, you better believe I will call you out." Before you I thought the term "Punching Down" was a made up Tumblr SJW line but with what you're doing it makes sense. You'd rather beat down any chance at an inactive member becoming active. You disgust me on a fundamental level.

"If you so rarely visit, how would you even know there is a bento viewer. You must be doing your reading, huh? "
Hey Moron! Fucking Moron!
There are sites OUTSIDE of this one like the the /SL/ board on 8chan. Maybe, just MAYBE if you crawled out of your little hugbox from the only place you can feel important and take a look at the vastness of sites the internet has to offer then you'd know that there are other places for copybot info, places that are far more welcoming than what you're doing. I'd have the Meats viewer working properly if it hadn't been for some issues on my end but they don't know how to fix it so I figured I'd come here, but low and behold, people like you are shitting things up and scaring people off. 

"It is people like you who ruin the forum by doing exactly what you do to help. NOTHING!"
No, it's people like YOU who ruin forums like this. You treat this like Tumblr and wall yourself off from everyone else, someone new comes along you yell and bash them down because everyone starts off as a "leacher" and don't have the tools to make meaningful shares. You'd rather not welcome someone to a community so they'd just rather lurk and stay out of site because someone like you will come along and slap them for ever opening their mouth. From what I've read from this post your mindset is literally "How DARE you say something you leacher! I'll teach you a lesson!" You are an abuser, a bully, you're the one person that ruins everyones fun they can find in discovering a community. You don't contribute to help newer members out, you punch down anyone else's opinion based on forum rank alone, and rather than give advice on how someone can improve you white knight for something pointless and that no one asked for. Thankfully, THANKFULLY, there are other members in this thread that aren't lynchmobbing for leachers and are actually a bit more sympathetic. If everyone on this forum were like you then there would never be any new members because on every post they'd just go "WOW LOOK AT THIS LEACHER HEY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE LEACHER WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE EVEN THOUGH TO EVEN ENTER THE SITE YOU HAVE TO DISABLE ADBLOCK SO THE FORUM ADMINS CAN GET SOME REVENUE FROM THAT! HOW ABOUT YOU CONTRIBUTE EVEN THOUGH YOU'VE GOT NONE OF THE TOOLS FOR THE JOB? SUCKS TO BE YOU! CATER TO US BECAUSE THATS ALL YOU SHOULD DO AND THERES NO WHERE ELSE TO GO ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ᶦˢ AND YOU OWE US FOR NOT HELPING YOU AT ALL" 

To Yes I Am Tee:
For the love of everyone here, grow the fuck up and grow a sense of empathy.
(11-17-2017, 07:13 AM)Kobold Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.Heres a thought: Without a decent copybot viewer how is OP going to get anything people would want to get through shares?
(Quote trimmed for courtesy)

I normally just keep my head down during these kind of spats but the above line really does read true.   I joined 6 months ago looking for a viewer and tinkered a bit but couldn't access anything useful so I wandered off... I dropped in yesterday just by chance and it seems I am a leecher now.  I have a private message but cannot access private messages, I assume it is my warning that I'm a leecher.  I still can't find anything to get me rolling since I'm a leecher and I still don't have much to share or much to talk about for the same reason.  Perhaps calling restricted people "New Members"or "entry level" and giving them at least a minimum to get started with would make people feel a little less attacked. I simply don't have much reason to stay and hang around and post and contribute.  That is not intended to be an attack or anything, just how it is.  

It boils down to what kind of community you wish to build... one that mentors, grows and prospers or one that builds walls and runs a lot of people off.  
(10-10-2017, 10:29 PM).Flagg. Wrote: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.See, that's why you have trouble, you want it to act like a ship, but it isn't a ship.  The forum is the water and you got your own boat, you can go good places or you can hit rocks.

While I'm in the mood maybe I'll say a little about that shit you quoted too.  Yes, a lot of us are grouchy assholes, unapologetic ones.  We get tired of the endless stream of people who show up and ask the same shit over and over, when it's posted more ways than I care to count that people need to READ the 'read this first' shit before asking things.  If people don't want to do that, or, if they did and they don't like how things are done, yeah, don't let the door hit you on the ass.  Or if you gonna hang around do it quietly, there's a saying the nail that sticks out is the one that gets pounded.

What to contribute?  That has two overall answers, one is, it's suggested about that in those 'read this first' stuff, the other is just look around and see what is already being shared recently and share more of that same kind of thing.

No, I personally don't expect advanced tech questions from noobs, I don't expect beginner ones either though because all the beginner questions have already the answers posted, most of them multiple times.  The logic of that if you follow it out is that really, the only questions that usually should be getting asked at all, is yes, advanced ones.  Occasionally there is some new wrinkle that is a kind of basic topic relatively speaking, that might not yet have been addressed already, but in such cases it needs to be demonstrated by the one asking, that they have been thru the search both here and Google and done some effort before asking.

The rest of that noise I already spoke to in my previous post on this thread.

How do I share what do I share? Want

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