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Collar - Take Me Leash (Rigged)
SLIGHT ISSUE:  This is a high quality collar that's rigged to uniquely hold the leash in the avatar's mouth.   Which is accomplished by overlapping 5+ rigged collars and leashes that vary for different mouth positions.  But because they are rigged and overlap so close, it's very difficult to select the faces you want to texture.  So far that has prevented me from fully texturing the model.  

If anyone knows of a way to make an automatic applier, OR have some sort of trick for texturing this item, please share.  (=

::GB:: Take Me Leash
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(not available on the marketplace)
[Image: v3Ovci9.png]
The easiest way to texture individual faces with rigged mesh is to use Firestorm, which has the ability to cycle through faces individually while wearing the object.

Wear object, edit object, check 'Edit Linked', use arrows on edit panel to cycle to the object in the linkset, then check 'Select Face' and use arrows to cycle through each face - alternate setting them to texture / alpha to find the one(s) you need to work with your avatar shape.

Once you have it set, you can use the same tools to cycle back through and note the link / face numbers and texture assignment (or swap to a copybot viewer and use Ctl+Alt+Shft+T while in edit mode with the object to dump the texture information.

That information can used to set up a simple script using LLSetLinkTexture or a HUD / applier type script.

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