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IP and Content theft
< Link here >
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an interesting blog report on combating copy bot viewers and theft.
special note on "Land Ho !!" section..
Nice post,
but unfortunately the date of it was June 21st 2010, over 7 years ago now, and as you can already see with forum, nothing came of it.

"Quote the Raven, Never More"
ah true but. the idea that copybotting isnt as anonymous as one would have thought. that there is a trail that can be followed if ll was curious enough. +_
i went digging into the information. there is a service called CDS. that was updated 2016 and is currently active
as a copybot defender..
im trying to follow the shock waves to see where they lead too .
"Hey, how is the new book that you bought?"
"It's great I can hardly stop reading. I take it everywhere I go."
"Can I borrow it when you are finished with it?"
"Erm... no, that would be content theft. You will have
to buy your own book."


The whole debate about content theft in current SL environment is moot point to say at least... and LL are pretty much aware of this but as usual they don't do shit. You think its complicated to go through asset uploads and find the items that have same hash (and something tells me that positives wouldn't just match known copybotters accounts)?

First of all, tools used in creation of "100% original mesh" are in 90% of cases illegal. Illegal in a way that designers more often than not do not hold licenses for their Max, Maya, Marvelous, Photoshop, Substance and bunch of other tools. "I am using student version of 3ds max" wont hold water since you are not allowed to do any commercial work with student licensed software. That is first point of it. I know at least 3 developers that recently obtained Maya licenses and have businesses in SL for quite some time. And if you ask them, they will say "I have been using Blender till now". So why the fuck are you switching to Maya after 5 years of service then? In 5 years, you should be Blender guru, no point wasting time and money on Maya now...

Second of all, ton of designers are using meshes/textures from third party sites (Renderosity anyone?) that just export back to SL. Until Renderosity changed their EULA to exclude usage of their models in SL, because the moment you upload it in SL, that model is no longer yours but LL's. (changed LL TOS). Of course, for many that didn't meant shit and people are still using those resources.
Then you have "100% original mesh" designers that advertise falsely. For example, Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links. and then do google search "braided texture" and you will see some awfully similar textures that were posted in Keyshot forums... and so forth...

And finally you have completely retarded -MOD permission on 99% of meshes out there, only "because fuck you". Well if you are as designer is going to pull the shit on me saying "in real world you cannot copy shoes", then with the same logic I can go "in real world I can take my shoes and piss on them, cut them with blade and destroy them if I want to, because I have paid for the fucking thing". And I can also take my shoes with me and take them to the vacation in Thailand, and leave them there (grid transfers). So if you are going to give me shit about "in real life..." then expect the counter-argument. And when you show up at Mesh Dev meetings, people will often ask you "hey, what are you doing here when you don't have shop"?

Then you have fucktards here that are leeching stuff from here, and on top of that post them to marketplace and sells them. Equivalent to those are designers that rip the living shit out of other people work and blend them together and sell as "original product" (L'Etre anyone?)

To sum it all up, nobody, or extremely small amount of people in SL are doing their shits 100% legal. And I can accept complains only from them, and rest of the designers can simply eat shit and die in gutter as far as I am concerned.

Its like "don't ask me about my first million.... everything else is legit".
- Hey mate, what is causing "stack heap collision" error?
- Probably four people in a threesome...
wow Svebor, that deep. i wasnt really looking into the whole mortality of it, but wow thats deep .
was just curious on the whole getting away with it all. but i like your view on it :P
CDS is easy, just don't allow media to play at all. Older hands know what a CDS media request 'looks like' and can run in prompt-to-blacklist mode. CDS mainly depends on a viewer being poorly written and responding in a known way to a media request, or to a TYPING_STOP packet etc., or to stupid people running a backdoored viewer which itself phones home. I keep saying every time this comes up, CDS sell protection on one side of the tracks and push their own modified copybots on the other side, yet every few months or even weeks we get some idiots in here who want to take a shortcut and get a viewer from just anywhere, instead of putting in the time and gaining the knowledge and experience to do this shit smart and safe, and avoid to get caught or at least know what to do to if they do get caught. But getting flagged by CDS or similar is almost meaningless anyway, LL doesn't and never will pay any attention to anyone's private database. I don't do much at all shopping, but I got a few of my avatars in CDS database, and even those same stores where those were banned by it have quit using that bullshit, because the snake oil has gone sour.
Fractured Crystal: You know ban evasion isn’t in the TOS, right?
SL banned? Search 'technitium', 'MAC changer', 'serial changer', 'ban evasion', 'VPN', 'IP ban', 'hardware ban'.
As a Gemini I can argue any side of everything with equal conviction.  You have been warned.
New here?  Click: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
LL doesn't bother trying to determine who 'owns' or has rights and license to what, and why should they, in RL it can takes years and hundreds of millions in attorneys fees to litigate who owns ideas such as 'square icons with rounded edges'.

If you aren't an idiot, and don't fall for the stupid 'what will the poor designers do' or 'content theft is stealing' bullshit, then you shouldn't worry about using copies of whatever you want, however you want.
Svebor made some points but still is is still far, far from the deep truth.

Ill try to add some points, but the lack of time will, unfortunatly make this post shorter than i would like.

Linden lab, as MOST of the current AMERICAN ONLINE BUISNESS COMPANIES THAT ARE RULING THE WORLD (google youtube and so on), made a large part of their profit by allowing/closing eyes until reported/ whatever you call -  it on content theft sales/shares on their platforms, they just followed the DMCA reports and applied them but closed eyes on everything not DMCA'ed, understand this: they volontary let mediocrity take over SL and content thieves take over SL. The high skilled creators werent already that many to watch SL, and this amount kept decreasing for the past 10years
This is a fact. Iam on other 3d platforms, they got whole sections that are analyzing and filling the DMCAs to protect their creators,and  that are banning for LIFE those who steal content and also (and this is worse) those who sell stolen content.

The goal concerning LL is very clear: the main LL money ressource has always been the RENT of the lands, the sims.
Indeed, we are paying up to 200$ for full sims which is basicly  totally overpriced (since a full sim is only on a single core whatever part of an outdated server which is contantly laggy and USA -based, lets call it clearly: this is bullshit).

Some clever marketing people at the head of LL propably thought that,10y ago,, regarding the high land fees, it was better to close eyes on 80% of the copybot problem (from copybotters to copybotters  providers), since the people would SPEND LESS ON 3D CONTENT purchases AND WOULD RATHER SPEND IN LAND RENTING (aka direct income to LL).
The pigeons once again have been the honnest and true creators, that immediatly, and for most of them, left SL when LL decided to change the TOS and considered ANY of the SL creations "owned by LL", here the last part of the trust between high skilled creators and LL blew up and 80% of true and skilled creators (and also open source contributors ) simply left SL..

Let be very clear here: when i go on other 3d platforms, there are skilled 3d communities that know each other and know the potential of every seller. ANY new item is analized by the whole community (ofc there is also competation so they watch carefully everything) and thiefs arent even allowed to even begining anything, they are either shot down by the DMCA section of the platform or by the community itself;
Quote:Ill even give you an exemple: few monthes ago i saw that a scandalous shop opened in SL/ it was a friend of a friend who had basicly NOT A SINGLE SKILL IN 3d.. this shop was selling only 3d content stolen from another 3d platform. This was obvious. And this shop had much success, even within Sl "creators". When i did ask a friend of me about it, i asked him:
-hey man you know this shop is 100% stolen content from -XXXXXX- you shouldnt buy all this crap
-i know but i dont care blablabla anyway you do nothing in SL blablabla, this guy does blablabla$
-ofc i do nothing in SL, iam honnest and i know that to make similar product it would take me1 month of work to do same, but for this guy it takes 24h to steal it and sell it

I was clearly sick about such reaction from this guy. Few days later i seek a bit on the concerned 3d plateform, to find the stolen content in question and to warn the ORIGINAl creator that his creation has been stolen and currently sold in SL among many other stolen content.
I Finally found the original creator, and warned ihim. I also sent the report to the DMCA section of the 3d plateform.

And there goes the striking facts about how much those plateforms are very professional in comparison to LL. THE DMCA SECTION OF THE CONCERNED PLATFORM ANSWERED ME 1.5HOURS  after my mail. Do you realise this, i just join this website as a noname, i send a mail to the DMCA section as an unknown user, with all the fact and they answer me just 1.5h after my mail. Do you realize how much professional is such support concerning violations.

Then the end of the story is as striking: the dmca section filled the dmca and ll probably received it 1 week after and removed, inworld and on marketplace all the concerned items..

And here comes the sad truth: LL just acted as Bots, they just removed the concerned items. The creator is still selling the rest of the concerned stolen material and even reuploaded the same stolen content with new textures. There is clearly a lack of motivation from LL side to either ban "creators" (this is not a creator this guy is ONLY stealing content WTFFFFFFFF FUCKING HYPROCRISY EVERYWHERE BULLSHIT FUCKING SHIT SL) who have been convicted of selling  stolen content. Even less motivation to investigate on other products from the SAme shop and wich are also stolen content from the other platform,but from many other creators (you understand i dont have all my life to spend on reporting this other plateform all the profducts one by one). Even disabled people would realize than everything is stolen in this shop once they know the 3dplateform where the products come from

Here you understand few points:
- in SL, thiefs can keep on selling on marketplace even after having been convicted of breaking DMCA (even multiple DMCA since it concerned multiple products)
- LL does nothing to ban creator convicted of copyright violation
- Users arent even informed since it seems easy for some creators to have their negative reviews magically removed;
- there is not a single section within SL that seem to be specialized in analyzing original content, or they are clearly incompetent or even partners in crime
- moreover the infos payment on mesh upload has been QUIETLY removed few years ago permitting any thief to uplad stolen meshes without any restriction
- the Ip tutorial is a pure fake and EVERY single question/point of it is violated within SL, even by those who are suposed to be the "top creators"
- the stolen content sales permit those fake creators to make giant amounts of money (the concerned shop around 3k$ in two monthes while the guy had 0 skill in 3d whatever)

In this story the true creators are the first victims, but also the customersthat are paying giant amounts of money for a stolen content..

i recommend you to go on the renderosity, turbosquid, daz/poser forums and even the max/maya 3d forums, the unity engine, the unreal engine, you will realize how much professional are the creators there.
Try to find discussions about second life on those forums and you will see that the LL and SL reputation is clearly and highly negative among 3d artist. they consider SL as the worse place to create, full of copyright thiefs and not even professionals.

This is the sad truth. Sl is trapped forever into a mediocrity/expensive money system curse. Too many problems and not enough trust. This will NEVER change. Dont think any second that philip linden and his HIGH FIDELITY will change that, they are hand in hand with LL to continue this whole joke with high fidelity and "sansar" on LL side.

I let you now the only judge about the value of everything within SL in 2017 regarding those facts.

I simply left Sl for this reason among many other reasons, all scnadalous. LL made me waste my time, lose my creations (original creations), (by changing TOS repetitivly without prior warning and in such way it is clearly instable and not a proper field to make a stable and long term buisness, some people close to LL employees hide behind masks and have big interests in Sl they defend their interests by ruining the life of competitors even if they are honnest and so on by constantly changing rthe rules on their platform in order to make every single honnest creator that isnt into their onner circlejerking clique a fucking slave working for nothing and any thief and scammer, and also privacy violators,become this way the GODS of SL.
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