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Bump Box / NFZ / Zev Titanium animations?
Was looking for his store recently to buy things from him. 

Rumor mill says he got banned from SL. (There's a group in SL that says why.)  Searching for his name shows old flickr, youtube, etc with people begging him to come back.   

Anyone have rip of those anims?  Or a public place where they can be ripped from?
Rumor is he still lurking around on another avis. I know lots of places have nfz rezzed out, search nfz and find as some smut sims put it in the descriptions lol xD also know someone selling his animations illegal on marketplace for like 10k but would not trust her much as I could throw her. i have some stuff of his but is older version not newer version. if you really want i could try to pull you anims but first would say go look at the sex sims :x

example here it is in almost all their cars bump box v4
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i got v3 and never got the update for v4, really sucks that this guy just disappeared
What are these bump boxes you guys talk about? Are they like ban boxes or some sort with animations and other items that people share with one another?
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- Hey mate, what is causing "stack heap collision" error?
- Probably four people in a threesome...
from his flickr update he said his animations are open source and people are free to copybot them Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

Anyone possibly has them already? would be nice to put them up on the marketplace for free so that people will stop selling them x.x

If not, I'm looking into getting them but gonna take a bit since there's apparently quite many..

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