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kushi textures
grabbed all my kushi textures. some don't have previews, sorry. getting back into all of this again lol

[Image: IyTEsF0.jpg]!Os8T3YCR!YmxNJIWVztXzKsPN0dloAGciO-_P8pbrhme-BmcbebY
Nice collection you have here. Thanks for sharing with the community.
yeah. getting back into it after not having a computer for almost 2 years LOL. I usually post large lots of items from the same creator
Weeds! You're alive! Yay!
How did your 3D-printing adventure go in the mean time?
Avastar, Sparkles, Primstar: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

well, the library was extremely limited. got some good prints and sold them. bought my own 3d printer, BUT major drawback is the print bed is NOT 15 squared like it said it was. half that if even, so, now I have to save for a bigger bed model for the items I really want to do LOL. for right now, and the price I paid, it's not a bad deal. just limits me badly. AND OMG I feel like a damned noob again when it comes to sl. I can't seem to rip anything right, the viewer keeps crashing on me. the new tools that are out sound amazing, but I'm lost on them LOL. It's going to take me a while to get back to where I was. I can't even remember how to reset my camera angle or how to zoom in on my nano prims
Welcome back Weeds, good to see you are doing ok
thank you hun. as soon as I stop being a noob again, I can rip more LOL

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