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Free 10 GB/month VPN
Hi folks,

Have any used or heard of the VPN service called Windscribe?
I have recently discovered it and for now is the only tool i dare to log in with the cb viewer. I do hope is good enough, if any have more experince with it, please do tell.
It offers 10 GB of traffic per month for free ( count refreshes every 30 days since signup ). Of course theyhave paid features but they don't matter for us here i suppose.
The 10 GB is not much but is constant and quite enough if you wanna rip stuff you have already plannned to ( not like spending a whole month playing SL, more like enter-grab-exit ). A 2-3 hour session for me in Sl spends about up to 2 GB, but i guess it depends on how much one saves and stuff.
I think might be useful for noobs like me, so i thought i'd share.

To get it here`s what you have to do:
  1. go to
  2. make an account; yes, you will need an email though
  3. get that tiny software they provide
  4. install it on your pc
And this is how i apply it for sl:
  1. run the windscribe soft and select a country you want your ip to be from. Let`s say i pick France. Connect
  2. open your webbrowser with the private browsing feature on ( like firefox`s private  browsing new window )
  3. go to secondlife website and make an alt. keep in mind this alt is french haha.
  4. start you copybot viewer , spoof your adresses ( would be funny same pc to have moved to france, only for a session, woudnt it ? ), then login
  5. go wild in there
  6. when done, close viewer and windscribe
  7. next session, login into same avi from same country server, till it last..ya know...
  8. repeat for next alt, with diffrent country server maybe
Hope it helps. Also hope i`m not doing in wrong...  Are there any caveats i should be aware of and skipped my notice?

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