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Have to go ....for 3 till 5 weeks.
i will have my smartphone with me .... and hopefully a laptop but who knows.... i have only a home pc maybe my friend will borrow me hers.
dont worry i will beback in a heartbeat
~ hugz ya all ~
[Image: 2uq0lt4.png]
Be safe ..Miss you already  Love
Take care lovely Cyra, you will be missed <3
[Image: pyCtM0Y.gif]
Take care Cyra! wishing you a quick recovery.
you guys are so neat ..... like i said if anyone want my "WhatsApp" then let me know .... its always nice to get neat messages Smile
i am sitting here drinking cappuccino and my eyes moving over to the phone and i swear when it rings i get a heartattack hahahahhaahahaa
i have to wait untill a bed is free ..... i was thinking going there and moving some of the people in another section hahahahahaaha
well what can i say I am a GOON in heart....... Smile
Love ya guys Cyra
[Image: 2uq0lt4.png]

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