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Amazing members past and present.
(01-29-2018, 05:22 AM)Rip Goon Wrote:

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Hi guys.
Ok some of you may remember me and most of you probably dont.  I havent been active in the forum for a good few years now. I will pop back every now and then, have a little lurk to see whats what and try to keep my finger on whats new, or more importantly whats now old and useless. 
Over the years we have had some fucking amazingly clever members here @ GooN Central. Obviously without King then none of this would be possible. O.G Members like Keimo and Tru. The drama partners Guv and Mya and the ones who have held it together for the last couple of years,  Cyra, Nails, my bro Sahu and others who are just as important but i cant name you all.
Then weve had the coders, the guys and girls who without them OUR S.L wouldnt have been as it has. 
My paranoid as fuck buddy Neil 50/50 a.k.a Superlife, Wish and hid Darkstorm project that we are all hoping gets a revamp V.Soon. Then recently we have Flagg and the Bento based viewer which is nothing short of amazing.
Finally last but not least is Gina and her bag of magic tricks.
Props where Props are due. theres some really clever people in the list above. LINDEN LABS MUST FUCKING HATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. LONG MAY YOUR BADNESS REIGN .

Off the RIP. Boom Boom Wassup big bro, hows everything iknow its been a while. its great to see you still around brother uknow we GOONz For lyfe. dawwwggg Tune Tune Tune
[Image: r7olr6.jpg]

heya RIP good to see you back hun ... where have ya been?

~ hugz ~
I havent been active either. You guys are still amazing. Years later and still keeping it together.
[Image: sv07qo.jpg]

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