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while i like the idea of my makeups and tattoos not clashing over alpha issues.... for us here Bom i think is bad news, at least for ripping stuff off other humans. for sharing what is in our inventory, that should still be fine, we can always use the pre-bom bodies and wearables when we want to extract anything.
What i feel like crying most for when BoM completely replaces the old system is all the appliers that came without system layers that i purchased over the last 5 years of "applier age" that will no longer work. SLINK already sent updates for their BoM only REDUX body, and no appliers work anymore on it. Have a feeling all body makers will do the same.
Still no fully BOM body or head all are the same layers like before BOM objective to have no more than one layer,, SLINK has done real BOM body with one layer, however these huds for making BOM are only change the faces to BOM but still three or four layers we dot need all

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