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Another fun "i think" little signature texture.outside the box from my normal stuff. just thought id have a wee bit of giggles with my most favorite fizzy juice. hope you all like.
P.S dont know if i added to right place or not. so please set were it belongs and or let me know where it should go. kisses

[img][Image: 8HOQnc8.png][/img]
Please don't clog up the textures forum with this stuff. Textures forum is for textures that are used in SL.

Post it here - Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
cooly, thank you. i keep forgetting how to find the correct place for these
ty for the info. i keep forgetting where these should go.
dammm it,
message told me reply didnt go through so i re wrote it. now i got it twice. sorry all .

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