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Been sending 4 email and no answer still. Almost a month of waiting. This was the last one.

"Hello King, this is my 4th email to you. I sponsored with 40 dollars way back and can you upgrade me... its alot of money for me :/
My username is: teamhot
Payment reciept: Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.

Can you atleast answer me?

Seems to me that he is lost? He just disapeared?
Hunny please don't worry. As you can think, RL can be very tricky and sometimes does not allow us to login as much as we would like to. But I am pretty sure he will be back and he will give you the VIP status you paid for. Don't worry please Smile
[Image: t9wq3d.jpg]

he does that sometimes being away for weeks and then suddenly he is back .... i know you caught a bad time....but he did ALWAYS come back and then he take care of things he has too ... but he does (upgrading and stuff) that one maybe two days straight ..... he even forgot to make Maf and Flagg as mods Smile
[Image: 2uq0lt4.png]
i see you are still waiting .... i will send him another message hun

[Image: 2uq0lt4.png]

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