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Sinespace Introduction Part 1
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[Image: intro1538794003.png]
 Logging into there desktop this is the intro screen, I have circled the preview server for creators because this is important when previewing your items that you upload to the Curator. But to just log in leave this UNCHECKED
[Image: 12186238111538794061.png]

[Image: 12835766121538794035.png]

[Image: 12271777131538794088.png]

[Image: 12269035141538794116.png]

[Image: 12367253151538794138.png]

Ok now that I have shown you around Sinespace, Tomorrow we will get you working in Unity to create your own region so you don't have to buy one or use there, which is lovey, its a modern house. For tonight that's it... Its been a long ass day and Im crashing... Check out the Unity Tutorial Tomorrow.
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Send me a message....         Saphy Riler.

More Sinespace tutorials coming soon!

Hey what a coincidence I was looking up Sinespace yesterday. Does it cost money to create like upload fee? Couldn't find anything on there Wiki. Haven't tried it but I'm looking in new avenues to sell things.
1. I should say right off the bat I am not affiliated with Sinespace at all. I have just tried both Sansar and Sinespace and think Sinespace KILLS Sansar as far as user friendly and technology.
Sinespace does not charge any fees to create and upload into there world, however that being said the only way to do this is through Unity that I know of right now.

2. Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links.
Sorry doing a quick reply so you will have to copy and paste that into your browser.
That is the wikki for sinespace and helped me more times than I can count, I still refer to this on a weekly basis as I design new things.

3. I predict that Sinespace will be the Next Second Life in ten years, if it even takes that long for people to try it. The marketplace there is strong and growing as more people become familiar with Unity and creating in that environment instead of inworld. As a creator in Sl I can tell you that the money is there in Sinespace to make as a creator, especially now that's its a fresh market and kinda limited to people who know Blender and Unity.

4. Its Free To Join Like Second Life, you get your own little region to play with for FREE but like Second Life, if you want to look different or buy things from the marketplace its going to cost you, but its small compared to Second Life. This is a creators Market on Sinespace as the technology grows.

5. I should also mention...*grins wide* Sorry you got me started.
The scripting is C+ not LSL but honestly all Secondlife does is take C+ and convert it to LSL inworld so.....If you can script in C+ and Java Your GOD.

If you remember how you felt when you first loged into Second Life, it took you awhile to get used to it. This is the same thing! Takes a bit to get used to because it is different but the creators of Sinespace has tried to make it as familiar to Second Life as possible.

Going to get on that Unity Tutorial soon... You should check it out. Im going to attempt to walk you through setting up your own region that you made with Unity...OMG... I suck at tutorials but hey, if I can help just one person than I have done my job well enough to be OK with it.
Good Luck with your adventures over there, message me when your in Sinespace, if I am on I can walk you through it easier


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