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Allegorithmic / Substance Bitmap2Material 3.1.2 Build 17903 Retail WinMac
Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material 3 is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you generate full, seamlessly tiling materials from any bitmap image, right within your favorite DCC tool & game engine*. 

This includes PBR (Physically-Based Rendering) channels, based on the most accurate conversion algorithm out there. Bitmap2Material lets you extract all the possible maps from a single image: this now includes PBR channels such as base color (or albedo), metallic, roughness but also normal, height, specular, curvature, AO etc.

Features of Allegorithmic Bitmap2Material 3
  • Adjust Highlights and Shadows 
    This allows you to create the base color (or albedo) for PBR and can be done in just a few clicks. 
  • Remove Seams 
    Bitmap2Material provides the ability to make any material tile. You do not need to care anymore about making your photography tile, B2M takes care of it for you. You can choose between 2 modes of tiling: offset or splat. 
  • Generate the Metallic Map 
    Easily obtain a metallic map from the image using simple tools, or an input mask. This feature is essential when working in PBR. 
  • Full Control Over Microsurface 
    Control and adjust the finest details of your material thanks to the comprehensive set of parameters exposed by B2M. This includes adjusting the generated roughness map, for PBR.
  • Shape Recognition 
    Bitmap2Material is the only map extractor which can keep the original shapes of your picture among all your maps. 

  • Grunge Maps 
    Change the look and feel of your material with one of the 15 embedded grunge maps, or use one of your own. 

  • An Infinity of Variations 
    B2M offers the unique ability to randomize your material and produce infinite variations with a single click! 

  • Your Material Anywhere 
    Thanks to the integration of the Substance Engine into the most used DCC tools and game engines on the market, Bitmap2Material can be used in any of those tools, allowing you to fine tune your material directly on your mesh. This feature is only available with the Pro license.

Tutorial video:

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Download here:

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@sumire  I didn't know about this tool until tonight, but having just tried it, i'm a big fan of it now.  Thank you for sharing!

The Mediafire link has expired, but here's a slightly newer version I was able to find:

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