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Viewer Cache Cleaner Tool
Here is a tool I wrote in C# a while back.

This program will clean out any and all viewer cache locations simultaneously and quickly. Default locations only. Won't work if you set a custom location... Sorry Sad

Why use this program? It's a fair bit faster than doing it through the viewer (The viewer can actually take a good while if there is a lot) or navigating to the directory manually and removing it there. It's useful if you constantly move back and forth between grids (SL Production/Beta, OpenSim, or otherwise) or are just lazy Smile

A bit about the UI: There's not much really. There's the output text box that shows you what the program is doing. A "Clean Now" button that should be self explanatory, and a "Safe Mode" check box. In the File menu there is a Refresh option to re-run the directory scan to see if any new cache directories were made (Can also use F5 for this).

Safe Mode is by default, enabled, and it should stay enabled unless for some reason the program has issues removing a directory (And you've verified that it is indeed a valid cache location). The purpose of Safe Mode is to verify that each directory it attempts to clean is actually a cache directory by testing for the existence of several key files that all viewer cache directories have in common, if any of these files are missing, then the program won't attempt to delete the targeted directory. It's the first line of defense against erroneously removing a directory that isn't actually a cache location... The second line of defense is that you verify the directory locations it find before you click the "Clean Now" button. 

It has support for many of the popular viewers:

Cool VL Viewer
Hippo OpenSim Viewer

Second Life (Vanilla) (Includes older viewers that shared the cache location common to vanilla SL such as Neil Life, Earlier Emerald releases, and Others)

... and all their 64 bit counterparts as well.

This list probably is incomplete since I don't know about all the possible viewers that could be out there but it does attempt to cover the most popular ones (Either past or present). So if you happen to find a viewer that it doesn't support (And you're sure you haven't set up a custom cache directory), then leave a note on this thread with the viewer and I'll try to get it included in a future release.

DISCLAIMER: This program deletes files and directories. Although I have made every effort and attempt to extensively test this program with a variety of different viewers, Windows versions, configuration settings, and have let a few trusted people also test the program successfully; I can not guarantee 100% it will work as intended on YOUR system setup. The program will output the cache directories it finds in the console box whenever you run it (It won't actually delete them until you hit the Clean Now button). It is highly advisable to double check that the directory paths it finds and make sure they match up with what you see in Windows Explorer (Or whatever custom shell you use if you're into that sort of thing) before you hit the Clean Now button.

By downloading and using this software you agree to not hold me responsible in any way, shape, or form for any possible damage(s) and/or data loss that could occur.

Yes, the disclaimer was meant to be scary and blunt as I don't want any one screwing their system up as a result of not reading directions (Or less likely, bugs... I have tested this program on my own system for a very long time with no ill effects)... However those who are still interested download link is provided below:

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i store my sl-caches in a ramdisk (browser-caches too)
beside that this is the fastest possible cache, even right-click+format is 50 times faster than your program
and because im very lazy, on starting my pc the cache is always empty without one single click
I rated for assets once but that is no longer necessary. Try the XML2-tools.
(11-16-2018, 04:22 AM)Emma Frost Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

i store my sl-caches in a ramdisk (browser-caches too)
beside that this is the fastest possible cache, even right-click+format is 50 times faster than your program
and because im very lazy, on starting my pc the cache is always empty without one single click

Considering a RAM disk can be on orders of gigabits per second in operations as opposed to an HDD/SSD's hundreds of megabits per second I would say that's a fair point Wink
mew!  You ARE still alive!   Wink
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(11-18-2018, 06:11 AM).Flagg. Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

mew!  You ARE still alive!   Wink

I am yes Wink RL stuff and all, that pesky thing Smile

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