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L'Etre Body Skins - Cotton/Buttermilk - Omega
Looking for L'Etre body files in tones Cotton and Buttermilk. Please from Omega. The ones posted are Maitreya and leave nasty toes issues on any other bodies. Omega ((done right)) will work on all bodies feet correctly without misaligned shadows.

Thx in advance!!
L'Etre - Tone Cotton
Slink body
Upper(normal): a2448528-f524-acab-fc07-6eb4e43b81e7
Upper(cleavage): 9b98ce10-5cd5-845d-ddda-4101825f5da1
Lower: 2441c300-6675-5f53-7ad1-ebec6dc1e444

L'Etre - Tone Buttermilk
Slink body
Upper(normal): f69fc3e4-a546-d8aa-c100-77fae2bea9f9
Upper(cleavage): 7ff633c1-a9d7-019b-93b9-d0afd1bd98d7
Lower: 1a91bd42-2935-dbd3-a61c-75dfabc21de3
L'Etre - Tone Cotton
Belleza body
Upper(normal): a2448528-f524-acab-fc07-6eb4e43b81e7
Upper(cleavage): 9b98ce10-5cd5-845d-ddda-4101825f5da1
Lower: f39e7dbf-1cf0-82a1-7cf6-f4a8fd8cf409

L'Etre - Tone Buttermilk
Belleza body
Upper(normal): f69fc3e4-a546-d8aa-c100-77fae2bea9f9
Lower: 7ce74e58-8f5e-2d0f-27a4-2814423190c3

*i dont have the omega appliers and neck fix,sorry*

    i Hope this helps.
Its fixing my freya so ty!!!!! soo mucch Omg i was about die ugly toes
Yeah, i know. Is a pain in ass to find belleza´s body applier. Im a freya user too xD

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