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Belleza Jake rigging kit
Hello lovely people.

I am in need of the rig files for the Jake body, does anyone have them?

I did hunt in the forum already, and found two threads, but both have dead links, so Jake has slipped away, and needs re-instating here Big Grin
Not sure what you meant by that. I found the dev kit body here:
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And the download link works, as well the .rar opens, and I've succesfully uploaded it to SL. Looks fine and rigged, not sure on fitted but I think so too (not sure the original is fitted too).
That previous link is for nothing but an exported collada of the Jake body, I would hardly call it a devkit. I took that and parented it to the Avastar 2.5 skeleton to make a true devkit. Caveat is that it's not 100% dead on since I haven't finished my coffee but it's very usable. Make sure 'use bindpose' is always checked off in blendr when using this since it's a not a standard T-pose. Here's the link,
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Thanks guys, yes that second one is what I was looking for, great stuff Benjamin Big Grin
That's a good way to create a dev kit Ben, but does that mean it has the weights for the Jake or the weights of the standard Avastar mesh?
It has both, in Blender 2.79 under the weight copy panel you select from which meshes to copy weights from. There you would check off SL base and Jke devkit along with any other meshes you want to copy weight from. The Avastar body is still there, just hidden.
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Notice, under scope I have visible deforms selected and volumes set to visible.
You can play around with the bind mesh and weight copy panels, they've added a ton of options to these that make doing this a lot easier.
Fascinating, thanks, I don't pretend to understand all that, but it works anyway.
I sort of get it, but not enough to be confident to start messing with stuff, so thanks for sorting it out.

I do know how to use it though, so will post up some rigged stuff now Smile

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