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Chrome users can't download from Mediafire
users with chrome having issues downloading from mediafire.
seems chrome blocked mediafire for any reason?
got 2 days now that it says page not found error 400 
i heard more people has this problem
take another browser for downloading from medaifire
Try changing your Chrome ad block settings re: mediafire, and possibly disabling some of your browser's extensions. Sometimes, the entensions, especially if they're intended to disable java, block ads, enforce https, etc, they can break some features on a site.
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Firefox never fail, but keeping them both is too much of a burden to the system.  I mean having both, Chrome and Firefox installed and running.
It is very unlikely that such a place as "mediafire" would be blocked.

It is either as Armand said, one of the extensions has a bug, or else try to reinstall Chrome with clean install.

Than again, the alternative seem much warmer to me, for some reason.  Smile 

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Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were supposed to start blocking sites with TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 "security" as from Autumn 2019.

Also Chrome just started to block "mixed content" on https-sites (http-pages on https-sites).

(10-06-2019, 08:49 AM)Sahulat Wrote:

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Also Chrome just started to block "mixed content" on https-sites (http-pages on https-sites).

That very much sounds like a major clean up all across the web. 
It may cause allot of incontinence and loss of older data.
But, I think that all of us would benefit from that on the long run.

Thank you for the info.  I somehow missed that announcements.
that makes me sad face i was using mediafire for my shares can anyone suggest a alternative, do we just use a different browser to download the share? like opera?
Chrome is working fine for me, on Linux and on Windows 10. The only ad blocking kind of extension I have is uBlock Origin and I haven't made any exceptions in it for Mediafire.
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