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Cant we do something to stop the spam its making the site unusable.
Are we are allowed to abuse them? Curse them threaten them and coerce them into stopping? Someone say yes please, lol
i say go for it. they are both the same person. fucktard twatwaffle pricks,
(10-30-2019, 08:35 PM)cantkillakitty Wrote:

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Are we are allowed to abuse them? Curse them threaten them and coerce them into stopping? Someone say yes please, lol

The answer to your request is - YES.  Angry

Just remember that colds are catchy, but hate is contagious.  Smile

I'd say, just keep patiently reporting spam and spammers.  
If the spammers are annoying, disturbing and frustrating, answering them in any way, will just add the fuel to the fire.
"Never feed the trolls" remember?  Smile
Sorry for the double, but I couldn't resist.

Check this out;


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tancks for you job :)  <---------{  This is the first of the visible posts.  10-13-2013, 12:40 AM

I strongly believe that since this person got away with this performance and is still "proud member", the moderators need our help in reporting such people and stopping them right away.  I cannot think of any other option for a regular member, but to be patiently persistent in reporting.

Whatever you do, anger and any form or retaliation will be rather useless and not effective.
BTW, I didn't report any of those yet.  But I noticed that if they are reported in bunch, within one day, the moderators are responding swiftly.

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