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Full Version: Sell, Buy or Trade Second Life accounts - NON VIP
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EDIT: adding
members from leecher usergroup have no ability to use the  PM system

This thread is for people who want to  trade, sell or GIVE AWAY their avatar or buy, trade or BE GIVEN an avatar. 

This is not a thread to get into fights or be an asshole.


** Once your avatar/s are no longer available, please remove the post. 
***If you have completed a successful trade or sell... please give each other rep with a comment. If it was not successful, due to asshattery, negative rep with a comment.
****BEWARE... if you negative rep just to be an asstard, word will get out, and you will be publicly humiliated.

PLEASE be aware that unless you trust the person you are dealing with explicitly, you are taking a HUGE risk. 
You are NOT protected from spies, rats, angry designers, and general scammers.

We strongly advise you to consider someone's post count, time in the forum, and what kind of history they have on King Goon before contacting ANYONE.


*Try using a noob alt when making a Linden Trade.
*It is NOT recommended that you use your SL info, real life info, etc.
*It is not recommended that you trade money using PAYPAL etc. Use Lindens - thats what they are there for, or use an alternate money trading site that does not give out personal information.

ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IF YOU TRADE AN ACCOUNT, AT LEAST ONE PERSON ON THE FORUM WILL KNOW THAT AVATAR!! We wouldn't recommend using it for anything important, like becoming a part of the Gorean Cult, or opening a store. (The forum is full of Gor Whores - and some of them are awesome despite their 50 shades of grey fantasies)


*EDITED Nails - here is the link to the VIP Sell, buy or Trade : 

[To see links please register here]

[To see links please register here]

  • if you buying an account, you must send the Money to the person your buying from first. 

yes is it a Big Risk on both sides of the party.

You can send money to the person your buying an account from.

why? Cause i were to give the whole name of my account im selling and you could report it to linden labs and or to store owners and they ban the account and i'd be fuck out of an account/money.

So, with that said. Buying an account? you give money first, they PM you the Details once they receive the payment.
  • Empty your inbox every fucking day. no exception. 
Now, let's say you send payment to some one and they don't send you the account details after an Hour.

well beside me saying tough luck, you knew the risk, Just wait up to 10 hours and if they still don't, report the forum name of the person who supposedly selling the account and Do tell everybody in this thread.

now if that person was to say they did send you the info, then you both become liars untill proven otherwises. so then i guess King can log into ya's forum account and see your inbox history. if you Delete your sent messages, i guess your fucked. Smile
  • never give the whole name or password of that account untill You get the money First. just to make it a little less of a risk.

As for me, if your buying an account from me, you send the money to one of my throw away alts that is in no fucking way linked to my ip or email or anything due to it was created across the fucking world thanks to my friend in Asia.

1. Female Resident account 2011 with marketplace store and payment info used. Huge inventory. Full perm clothing PSD and Mesh templates.
2. Male Resident account 2013 with marketplace store and payment info used. Small inventory.
o0o cool a nice clean thread lets hope for better start
so anyway am looking for 2 accounts 1 Female 06 or older plz

i only have 1k to spend on them one for my rl girl i hope someone can make me a deal

pm me plz hope to hear from someone soon
o0o i see this thread is dead now come on lets get this popping don't let there troll kill this thread
ps am still waiting for there 2 accounts pm me if you ty
(02-02-2015, 07:56 PM)Lunareth Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

sell account
or change a female surnamed
female surname, .... Denver
(5 años 9 meses; 2107 días)

send message

You have private messaging disabled Lunareth, or it is because you are still in leecher status. Find some things to share so you can get PM abilities, then try to sell again? Smile

Bloody Kisses,
Anybody has an old account with the name VIOLET ou JULIET? That's to give away, please. PM me. EDIT: with a surname, thanks
Acc for sell!!

XXXXX Montpark 2006 (FEMALE)
XXXXX Bode 2006 (FEMALE)
XXXXX Paolino 2009 (MALE)
XXXXX Earleno 2009 (MALE)
XXXXX Michigan 2008 (FEMALE)
XXXXX Rumble 2009 (FEMALE)
XXXXX Riddler 2009 (FEMALE)
XXXX Bluxome 2008 (MALE)

*** Gearz 2010 (Male) Account Payment Info Used
Huge inventory with alot of legit/copybotted items

PM me!
(02-04-2015, 11:03 AM)Frozselol Wrote:

[To see links please register here]

*** Gearz 2010 (Male) Account Payment Info Used
Huge inventory with alot of legit/copybotted items

PM me!

You are stil leecher status hon so no private messaging.. so post a dummy emaill (that you CAN access) so I can contact you. I got Vday shoppin to do.

Bloody Kisses,