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Full Version: T-Spot Grass With Flowers
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Real grass with flowers by T-Spot, 10 different versions

T-Spot Birdsfoot Trefoil Meadow - Glow Peach
T-Spot Carthusian Pink in GrassĀ  1 - Copy_modify
T-Spot Carthusian Pink in GrassĀ  2 - Copy_modify
T-Spot Grass with Daisies No. 1 - Copy_modify
T-Spot Grass with Daisies No. 2 - Copy_modify
T-Spot Green Juicy Grass Patch - 1 prim
T-Spot Poppies & Cornflower Meadow
T-Spot Poppies, Wheat & Cornflower Meadow
T-Spot Poppy Meadow - Red
T-Spot Wheat Field No. 2

Nice stuff, way better than simple textures and costs only 1 prim each.

[Image: Snapshot_Pink_flowers_in_grass_meadow_001.jpg]

Download it

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Password: tg&f5
Love Her stuff! Thanks for sharing!
i wonder if they have dae files?
please tell us how to download these plants in the game?
The download is still good -- the link is still active; download the file, use the password that Kalliop has provided to extract the files to your hard drive. Fire up Darkstorm, log into SL, and find a quiet place (where you are alone or at least unobserved) in which to build. These are XML files, therefore, in Darkstorm, you will use the option in the build menu to import a linkset, then choose an XML file from your hard drive and watch it build in front of you. That the files are XML tells us that the originally grass was probably a prim construction, so no .dae/collada project files will be available. I think you'd need an add-on for Blender to allow it to load/edit sculpted prims in the same linkset as a mesh scene. I hope this helps.