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Full Version: Attention Leechers and Proud members - Warnings And Bannings.
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dear leechers - ( both from leecher and proud member usergroups )

Have a look at your profile. Some of you have been tagged " WARNED"  leechers.  Those who has not been sharing anything of any kind, will be banned March 9th  . ( DATES WILL CHANGE )

Consider to start adding to the forum before you get that tag. .

It doesn't help to hide your online status. You are not invisible for us, just making moderators wonder why you have that option ticked in your profile. Its not a default setting.

It is only fair that you start to share in stead of keeping on leeching. This is not a download website - it is a sharing community. 

I dont think anybody hasn't seen the link to Read Me First - now it is time to read it.

Just in case --- here is the link, again ( also mentioned in my signature ) 

[To see links please register here]

Finally -  a huge thank you to those who keeps on adding to the forum and helps keeping it alive. ♥
Wanted to add, that speedy spamming one liners in the discussions forum, shouldn't be the only  way to contribute.

That is mentioned in the Read this first thread already, so if you make 20 - 21 posts without being helpful or adding anything new , it means  you didnt bothered to read about forum requirements

I would not suggest you use this method in order to raise post count. It will attract bad reps and arched brows.


when speedy spamming is spotted, you will have your posting ability disabled for one day. That would give you time to start reading on how to do things here. And hopefully prevent you get too many neg reps....
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Well said Nails Smile

~ hugz ~

.N.A.I.L.S. for President !
I agree. Nails for President......

Lets make Goon Great Again!!!
not sure about that president stuff --
I wont show my tax papers.
Also scared of pr0n vids from my past.  Having a pic from there in Rip's signature, is too much already .

Thanks for the encouragement, but no thanks!

UPDATE on the Leechers and proud members banning, since its feb 6th today.

A lot have been banned.
A lot are still warned, but I think it was not fair to ban them, since they have not been online to read this Announcement.  I will keep on checking though. 
Warnings will still be added to profiles, and if nothing happens within very short time, yeah. You get the picture.
rock solid nails. thanks for the massive work you do on the forum,

[Image: k71mv.jpg]
Nails you help so many people and I sense your frustration when we do not listen to your good advice. I have learned a lot from you and hope others will too. This is a great forum for sharing not just for downloading.
Quick question: As I've been on and off lately [mostly due to Real Life shit] where would you see that "warned" tag? Under the "Primary User Group"? - I'm new to any type of forums soo... I have no idea where'd I see it just in-case.
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