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Full Version: HPMD Trees!
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HPMD got nice sculpted trees and ground grass, no need for mesh copybot viewer for them. 
I am new so I am learning how to share it outside SL and share as file. 
I can share the items in sl if anyone wants.
Have a good day!

...and HPMD's region is quite laggy; those sculpted prims are beautiful, I would agree, but they do cause lag. Well done w Revelator, by the way; it does rule Prims and Sculpties like an Egyptian Pharoah!! You can copy prim stuff very easily, save one linkset as a an .OPX that even Firestorm can open under its 'import linkset' menu.

But let us be clear: HPMD's things are not free -- you must pay for them in SL; if you'd like to share them here, that'd be great, I am sure.