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[TSC] Falcon Armor - Minaussa - 02-24-2018

[Image: 11qpo1v.jpg]

this post for armors amataors :-)

more pictures in different angles here:

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uploading this to secondlife is a huge time consuming operation, unless you have a good reason to do it and a lot of free time, i would say its a waste of time because you need to upload 20 meshes and a ton of textures composed of difuse/normal/specular map for each piece and each face of each piece. You can also apply the textures without uploading using a script and textures UUID (supplied) (this will increase you working time)

so here is the DAEs if you have the time for it:

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For the recreation process, there is 21 folders, folder 1 need to be imported as XML, its the wearables, folder 10 too, it contain a facelight for the armor.
Folders 2 to 9 and 11 to 21 are DAE to upload as meshes, each folder contains its textures. Rigged parts are indicated in folder name.
You will have to setup unrigged parts according to supplied pictures.

if you are lazy here a ready out of the box version, only for wired or offline opensim:

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from your console enter :
load iar -m <avatar first name> <avatar last name> <directory name in inventory> <avatar password> falcon.iar

load iar -m John DOE MyCoolNewItems falcon.iar

There is a ready preset to wear in :
just drag the folder on your avatar and it will look instantly like the picture.

the armor is a mix of unrigged meshes and rigged meshes, as supplied by the creator.
The sword is unscripted, 2 version come, one for back and one for hand, hte hand one is invisible by default. 2 animations are joined in case you would like to script the thing. You can if you want/if you can add extra animations and a combat system (not included in this pack)

Warning/disclaimer :
- using this in secondlife might lead to a ban of all your SL accounts and a ban of your computer and net home host name.
- try selling this in SL or MP WILL lead to a fast ban of all your SL accounts with a risk of legal issues.
- to use on your own risk