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help accessing an account without password?
I know this isn't the place to ask for something like this, but I don't know where else to go really.
I got very close with a person on there, we were both creators
(some creators don't mind copying, freedom of the people Y'all) who started together, and we were friends before that so I wasn't suspicious when they asked me to sell my items through their vendors, and for the first few weeks they were giving me honest pay for my items, and I trusted them with my 
second life account since I believed we were fully in this together, and they gave me a fake/changed password(I had no reason to really check on it until it all went to crap I know I'm stupid pls don't drag me) but this last Wednesday when I logged in they were gone, all my money was gone, I have no access to the vendors that sell my items, no access to our shared marketplace, and my inventory was wiped clean of all gachas, both personal and ones for reselling. I don't know where to go from here and what to really do, I've sent tickets but none of them is answered, and I personally gave them my password and this much control over my means of in-game income so it's my fault. If anyone can help me get into their account, I swear I am not looking for revenge, I just want to get back whatever I can salvage of my things and not lose my account over it

Tl:dr I trusted the wrong person, got screwed over, and now I’m only just trying to fix things without losing my account.

again I am not looking for revenge, and after I take back my things I will leave the account as I found it.
•Well first do you still remember the email you registered the account originally from?

•Do you have your security word?

•Do you remember the birthdate you registered the account with?

•Can you verify the hometown of the accounts origin?

If you have all of this it will be easy to get your account back. Afraid there's no way to truly get your items recovered since Linden Labs doesn't intervene in resident to resident affairs. For some of your items like hair shoes mesh bodies you can always get those redelivered. Second life is allowing you to redeliver any product you ordered on the marketplace too. Only for copyable items. 

There are ways of social engineering to get revenge but I cannot legally tell you. All I can say is be creative and be premeditated.
He hasn't lost the account. If I'm reading this correctly, he still has the account, but the other person cleaned it out and left it empty. Linden Lab can't touch that and for that matter he'd pretty much have to start out saying "I shared my password" and they'd likely as not ban him on the spot soon as he said that. The question seems to be accessing the account of the one that did the scam.
Fractured Crystal: You know ban evasion isn’t in the TOS, right?
SL banned? Search 'technitium', 'MAC changer', 'serial changer', 'ban evasion', 'VPN', 'IP ban', 'hardware ban'.
I can argue any side of everything with equal conviction.  You have been warned.
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we do not hack accounts here, the only thing you can do is to start over and be careful who you trust in future
What you could do is posting this in the thread where it says "The most hated cunts in sl" ... no matter if male or female. Tell your story there and
adding the name of this persons BUT it is important that YOU STAY SAFE in SL ..... can ppl associate you with this ppls? I mean does ppl will recognize
you while you talk about this other ppls? If not then go for it ..... we do not hack accounts but one or the other Goon maybe find fun in it to grief them Smile.


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