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Is it possible to retrieve mesh from server if I exported the xml already?
I exported an XML of a mesh with Gina's tool a while back, and the cache has expired so I can't generate the .dae, but I can't find the actual object of it inworld anymore. Is it possible to retrieve the asset from the server using this XML? I remember there was a post a while back mentioning how to do this using the "key" value in the XML but can't find the post anymore.
Quote:Is it possible to retrieve mesh from server if I exported the xml already?

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I rated for assets once but that is no longer necessary. Try the XML2-tools.
I'm not sure if this is what the above means, but is there a way to do it without having the cache? If you've exported the xml and dae (and even obj) is the information not there?
yes .. with Gina's SLM Download Tool

download it Here :

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Here is How i do it :
1- I clear (delete) everything in the txt file called " Slm-Not-Found" in the MeshesSL tool Folder
2- i use meshes SL tool on that Xml file to extract the Dae and i hit " NO"  button whenever an error message appear asking  whether to stop decoding the model . ( just keep hitting "NO" no matter how long it takes)
3- when finished with the error messages ... i go to Slm-Not-Found.txt and i find recorded UUIDs .. i copy the UUIDs ONLY and put them in a new txt file and save it in desktop .
4- now i open the SLM Tool and choose "list of UUIDs" ... hit the navigate button to that new txt file (in desktop)
5- Clicking 'save' button a window appears asking where to save the slm files .... i navigate to this path :
6- now the SLM tool is downloading the slm files (cache) ... when finished i use MeshesSL tool again on that Xml and there shud be no error messages this time and the Dae file is extracted . 
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So it’s like tricking it into thinking those files were in the cache. Cool and so much help then you can download and fix later. I tend to download a bunch at once so that’s easier. Thanks. Now if I can figure out animesh I’ll be good lol.
When you export a mesh that is on a sim, the data are stored on the local server that hosts the sim (only the textures of this mesh are on another server that manages the assets)

You can always recover the textures from your xml file because they are in the Second Life assets table, but you cannot recover the mesh informations (vertex positions, polygons, materials and UVW mapping)

The cache of your viewer clone the information on the mesh and the Gina's tool allows you to recover it as long as it contains it.

Otherwise, for mesh clothes, the data are in another specific table, managed by the asset servers of Linden Lab. But these datas are also inaccessible, because they are attached to their owners, and are therefore protected by access rights.

The most important thing is therefore to use the Gina tool before the information on the mesh is definitively overwritten by other data.
It would be great if you could use the dae to get the rest, but I’m guessing it’s not there. Is it just you have to do it before you are off SL too long or too long after you ripped something? It’s just worse to have to stop and exit out. Still worth it though!

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