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Kalhene Ariadna mesh body has been taken off SL Marketplace. Thoughts?
This popular free mesh body called Kalhene Ariadna it is now gone from the SL marketplace...someone said that Maitreya had complained to LL recently..but it is only a rumor
What are your thoughts about this?
The notice from the group:
''Hi all. I want to communicate something important about the ARIADNA bodymesh. I have recently received a DMCA for my work, and according to Linden’s rules, I must remove the content and disable it from sale until this whole issue is resolved. In the meantime I will continue to work on improving, and on new items. I ask you for patience and I want to thank you for the welcome that my work had. I hope this matter will be solved and it will be available again soon.''
This really sucks!

I hope Kalhene shopkeepers will be able to fight that complaint, and have their content brought back.

That is strange, i got that too. The only reason i need to remove it is when i dont apply against the dmca and no else because at this point lindenlab is out
It fits MT clothing very well. I hope Kalhene win the dispute.
Shared with love! Did you like it? Don't forget: Your REP+ is important to me :).
Another dick move from "esteemed" designer. First cockwa now matreya, and they can all suck a bag of dicks...
- Hey mate, what is causing "stack heap collision" error?
- Probably four people in a threesome...

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