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Second Life Avatars in VRChat
hello!   its been a long time since i've posted much of anything here,  but i wanted to begin my journey of trying to export stuff from SL and  putting together full fledged VRChat Avatars with them,  meaning  wrapping them all up in tidy packages,  rigging them and then exporting them to unity and  then to VRChat.

since i'm basically learning how to do this all  from scratch, i know its going to be a massive undertaking, but i figured that is any one  else wanted to  learn the process, i'll try to post here as i learn, and  maybe even  some of you folks  could chime in about  making some things easier (not requesting that, but  it would be nice to see, of course~)

so to start off with the process so far i'm still using... oh boy... Darkstorm 3.10 and  since everything is  bento and stuff, i'm  having to get some of the basic stuff from threads in  here (most stuff isn't ripping).  essentially that makes me a leeching pleb, and is partially  why i wanted to  give back to this community a bit by typing up this walk-through.

I'm using blender to import the .OBJ files and the .DAE's that i get from here, matching the stuff up and joining them together to make the whole mesh as a single thing. at least thats i think i'm doing. so far the success i've had has been  just the  single maitreya body and its hands/ feet. i was unable to rip the Catwa Linda head so i found a possible substitute here, but for some reason  THAT doesnt  want to import into blender, so i'm thinking i'm going to have to find some basic mesh head and hope it'll look decent enough.

once i have the body and head down, i'm going to try  to skin it all using the  SL textures. if i get to that point, i'll try and write up the process here as my first entry ^^.

anyone else tried to do this before?
I've never tried it, but I'd love to. I think you need to put the meshes you get from blender into Unity - and use the VRChat SDK there to actually get it into VRChat.

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